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Medical Student Program

Student Opportunities in Women’s Health

A Comprehensive List by Class Year

We hope you consider attending this phenomenal medical school, renowned nationally for women’s health. We encourage medical student involvement in women’s health at UCSF, from the moment you step on campus, until you graduate. Listed below are opportunities for UCSF medical students with our department as they go through each of the four years. We also have a National Center for Excellence of Women’s Health, which sponsors additional multiple programs and offers volunteer opportunities for UCSF medical students.

Note: If you are interested in a shadowing opportunity please contact Matt Leavitt at

First-Year UCSF Medical Students

1. Welcome lunch for first-year UCSF medical students by the faculty in our department: information about research opportunities, electives and volunteer work discussed.

2. Electives at noon: Reproductive Health Choices, LGBTI Health Issues, Health Issues in the Sex Worker Population, Latina Health Issues, and Disparities in African-American Health Care. U-TEACH is another elective in which a medical student attends prenatal visits with an assigned mother after ten hours of didactics, receives a pager and attends the birth. Students interested in Ob-Gyn also encouraged to take the Surgical Assist Elective.

3. Clinical Interludes: A day spent on the wards in the hospital with patient interviews and team observation; locations in Labor and Delivery available at two hospitals.

4. Four-hour shadowing shifts available in Labor and Delivery and the Gyn OR.

5. Volunteer work available at the Women's Clinic of the Homeless Clinic.

6. Research opportunities for the Summer after the first year abound, either in basic or clinical research. International opportunities also available. Applications for funding through the Office of Medical Student Research or the Office of International Opportunities for Medical Students.
Educational Opportunities in International Health

7. Career panel discussions at least twice per year.

8. Monthly meetings of the medical student Ob-Gyn Interest Group (OGIG), including 2-hour workshop on laparoscopy in the animal lab.

9. Active Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) chapter.

10. Personal dinners with faculty limited to 6 students, 1 faculty and 1 resident

11. Individual meetings with career advisors in the department encouraged.

12. Big Sib Program available with residents.

13. Faculty Mentoring Program available for medical student interested in Women's Health starting the first year of medical school.

Second-Year UCSF Medical Students

1. Above electives available, plus the opportunity to be a Coordinator for the U-Teach Elective (funded) and/or a Coordinator for the Ob-Gyn Interest Group (OGIG).

2. Shadowing, volunteer work, monthly OGIG events, MSFC as above.

3. Additional career meetings with the senior students as listed below.

4. Formal curriculum begins in Women's Health: Pelvic educators teach students how to do a pelvic exam, and extensive curriculum from birth to death in the Life Cycle block on women's health.

5. Lunch with core clerkship director on how to choose your site for your third-year rotation.

6. Individual meetings with career advisors in the department encouraged.

7. Big Sib program available with residents.

Third-Year UCSF Medical Students

UCSF students can find more information at IRocket

1. Core Clerkship in Ob-Gyn for 6 weeks: Nine sites available: Mission Bay/Mount Zion, SFGH, UCSF-Fresno, Marin Maternity Services/Marin General Hospital, Kaiser Oakland, Kaiser SF, St. Luke's, Highland Hospital, California Pacific Medical Center (choose one).

2. PISCES Program Core Clerkship one year at Mission Bay, Mount Zion, and Lakeshore during which students carry their own panel of pregnant patients and work with the ob-gyn faculty preceptors over the year.

3. Additional Two-Week Electives After the Core: gynecologic oncology, reproductive-endocrine or advanced obstetrics.

4. Career meetings several times a year re: logistics of how to match in Ob-Gyn, matching students dinner where matched students tell their interview stories, and dinner at faculty homes.

5. Big Sib Mentoring program with residents available.

Fourth-Year UCSF Medical Students

1. Sub-internships of 4 weeks in High Risk Obstetrics (Mission Bay), Advanced Gynecology (Mount Zion), Gynecologic Oncology (Mount Zion), and Inpatient Gynecology (SFGH) available.

2. Outside sub-internships also available with department permission.

3. Four-week elective available in Family Planning at SFGH.

4. Two-week elective in Gynecologic Oncology, Reproductive-Endocrine, or Advanced Obstetrics available.

5. Career advisors, usually 2 faculty per student in the department.

6. Career meetings several times a year re: interview tips and match de-briefing meeting.

7. Big Sib Mentoring Program with residents available.

Some of our UCSF students take a year to do a research project in Ob-Gyn at UCSF, the NIH, or another academic institution. Some students take a year to do their MPH at the University of California at Berkeley or another institution. Funding available. This is not necessary to match well in the field, as UCSF medical students are heavily recruited by the top Ob-Gyn residencies in the country. Please see the Research Opportunities page for more information.