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Let's Talk Race in America

Let's Talk: Race in America

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, these are just a few of the names of Black American’s whose lives were lost due to the systemic racism that is so rampant in America today. Since their lives were taken, daily life in America has been upended. From Louisville, to Minneapolis, to right here in the Bay Area, Americans are being called to action and to evaluate their role in creating a more just society.
On Sunday, June 7, Edward Miller, MFM Fellow hosted a town hall in conjunction with the UCSF department of Diversity and Community Outreach. "Let's Talk: Race in America: featured leaders/speakers from around the nation and was open to not only the UCSF community, but to the entire country. The agenda included speakers, breakout rooms for smaller group conversations, and Q&A. It was a time to talk, learn, listen, and hopefully heal. Access video recording here.