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UCSF 9th Annual Gynecologic Oncology Symposium


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Saturday Breakout Groups
Noon to 1pm

A Focus on Uterine and Cervical Cancers

On the Path to Individualizing Treatment for those with Ovarian Cancer

Deborah Zajchowski, Ph.D., Scientific Director, The Clearity Foundation
Allison Kay, MD, Clinical Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology

PDF iconLink to Dr. Deborah Zajchowski PDF

Sponsored by:

Ask a Social Worker: Support while navigating a cancer diagnosis and treatment

Erin Schwartz, LCSW, MSW, Chief Clinical Social Worker, UCSF Oncology Social Work
Bridget Sumser, LCSW
Mabel Huang, Senior Care Navigator, The Shanti Project
Dolores Moorehead, MS, APCC, Community Engagement Director + Client Support Clinician, WCRC, Berkeley

       Link to Dr. Rabban breakout session video:

How to get your Groove Back - A discussion of Sexual Health

Allyson Jang, MD, Clinical Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology

Clinical Trials - What to expect and how clinical research coordinators can help

Katherine Bigay, UCSF Lead CRC
Victoria Onyike, UCSF CRC

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A Place to Relax and Meet other Participants

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[email protected]

Focus on Caregivers - Taking care of yourselves

Melissa Mark and Natalie Dematteo, In-patient NPs

UCSF Resources:

PDF iconPatient Education Resources from UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center

FileUCSF Meri Center

For information on how to support the annual Gynecologic Oncology Symposium or other Gynecologic Oncology programs, please contact Cia Glover at [email protected] or 415.713.0984. You can also visit to make a gift online. Thank you for your support!

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