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Medical Student Program

COVID-19 Updates for Students

Update: 3.27.20

OB-Gyn Specific News for Clerkship Students

  • Block 2 Clerkship continues through April 10.
  • No clinical activities.
  • Look for didactics & zoom reminders, read through the clerkship didactics materials.
    • Topic Presentations on Monday and Thursday
    • Daily gyn didactics with the residents
    • Dysplasia rounds on Thursday
    • Topic Presentation schedule and sign up here
  • NBME Self-Assessment vouchers will be distributed on 3.24.20
    • You may take any available version of the self-assessment; the higher the number, the more recent the test.
    • You may use any available version of the self-assessment by which to study.
    • Deadline to take self-assessment: May 1.
    • There is no passing score.
  • Site news in general:
    • All OBGYN clerkship sites have decreased or suspended non-elective surgeries
    • Most outpatient gyn is now conducted over telemedicine


OB-Gyn Specific News for Electives Students

  • All clinical activities are likewise suspended until April 1.
    • Exception: currently, Class of 2020 students scheduled for Sub-Is may continue on March 30
  • The Gyn Sub-Is are currently sub-optimal experiences, because of the suspension of surgeries and in-person clinics.
    • We are working on this.
  • Our Gyn Onc, MIS and REI CIEXs, as well as all two-week electives, are under the same restrictions as above.
    • The Surgical Gyn Educator CIEX may proceed as a project-only experience, for now - no surgical experiences, currently.
    • MIS and REI are likely to be suspended even after April 1, as currently there are no clinical experiences available.


AAMC Guidance on Clinical Education

We are aware that the AAMC released a new guidance statement on clinical education during COVID-19. UCSF remains committed to our mission and values, which call on us to prepare the workforce our nation needs while remaining true to our principles:

Help all of our students develop the competencies they need to be outstanding physicians;
Ensure that all students continue to advance towards a timely graduation; and
Adapt our educational programs to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while minimizing risk to our students and faculty.

We are conferring with the UC Deans on our options for moving forward and will provide an additional update on clinical learning in the next few days.

COVID-19 Logistical Updates

Below you will find additional logistical updates related to COVID-19. Please continue to visit the Medical Education COVID-19 Website, which features Frequently Asked Questions for updated information about changes to the curriculum.

Campus Housing Updates

Please refer to Campus Life Services' COVID-19 FAQs & Resources for Our Tenants

UCSF students living on campus may choose to terminate their lease before May 15, 2020 without penalty. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
Campus housing is waiving late fees for April rent. Contact [email protected] to set up a payment plan if you need to defer or can only pay a portion of your rent.

UCSF Student Documentation for UCSF Health & Core Affiliates

We understand that some front-line staff are questioning students’ presence at our UCSF Health affiliates. UCSF medical students may use this letter to prove that you are essential. We recommend carrying a printed copy of the letter, and your UCSF ID when you leave your residence. Faculty are also carrying similar letters during this time.

This letter represents great trust in our students. Please only utilize this “Advanced Health Professions Students Essential to the Healthcare Response” letter for school-sanctioned activities (COVID-19 volunteer activities). If you have any questions about the use of this letter, please contact DoQuyen Tran-Taylor.

Student Documentation for UCSF Health & Core Affiliates

Class of 2020/2021 (Career Launch 4a and 4b students)

Requests for scheduling changes to Sub-I's/Career Launch electives is on hold to give our scheduling team time to address course cancellations and other curricular impacts of COVID-19.
More details about Career Launch courses and curricular changes will be announced on Thursday, March 26. In the meantime, please be patient, and know that we are working as quickly as we can to address your concerns.
CPX Exam is suspended. Abbi Phillips, Director of Patient Skills Learning and Assessment, will be in touch with additional details and plans to help you study for Step 2 CS.

Join us for the Next Medical Education Deans Open Forum: March 26

We will be hosting another Open Forum on Thursday, March 26 at 6 p.m.

Zoom Link: Phone: 16699006833, 923569612#

Questions or Concerns?

Contact Your Academic Advisor:

F1 Advisor: Xavier Macy
F2 Advisor: Nikki Williams
Career Launch Advisor: Wenia Lee