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Medical Student Program

URI 2017

URI Program Update

This past summer, URI graduated its ninth cohort of UC Berkeley undergraduate students. Since their time in the program, our graduates have gone on to attend medical school, published research articles, and traveled the world!

The URI 2017 Cohort

“[URI] is such a motivator. I have never been so certain that I can become a physician one day. I hope other people who have similar goals can feel the same way I feel now.” – URI Graduate

“URI restored my passion for medicine and my confidence that in making it. It also made me aware of the many ways to become a physician and gave me access to valuable contacts who can help me achieve my goals!” - URI Graduate

Video Testimonals

A few of our URI graduates have sent us videos recounting their experiences in the URI program. Please take a look at what they have to say!

Movie iconJaspreet Singh - URI 2010 Movie iconMarisela Cardenas - URI 2011
Movie iconLeah Timbang - URI 2010 Movie iconKathrin Zimmerman - URI 2011
FileAdan Garcia-Mecinas - URI 2012 Movie iconZina Ogunnaya - URI 2015
Progress of Our URI Grads

Just to give you a quick update for this year, we have had two URI grads enter medical school:

Jessica Dominguez – UCSD
Jennifer Tu – Touro University California

URI graduate Amy Yu with URI Co-Director Dr. Patricia Robertson


Did you know that of our URI grads:

  • 30% have obtained a non-MD degree since graduating from URI.
    20% are currently attending medical school.
    7% have graduated from a medical school program.

  • 43% work in healthcare currently.
    18% work in research.
    9% work in public health.

  • Admission offers to our URI grads include: UCSF, UCLA, UCSD, UCD, UCI, USC, Stanford, Northwestern, Harvard, Washington University, Columbia, Mount Sinai and the University of Washington