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Academic Research

Berger, Alex, MD, MPH

Dr. Berger’s research focuses on improving the health of women with pelvic floor disorders. His research interests include value-based care and surgical quality/safety enhancement in FPMRS, enhanced recovery after surgery, and patient experience improvement. In addition, he has collaborated and advanced the scientific literature on surgical outcomes and patient care after urogynecologic.

Korn, Abner, MD

Dr. Korn is currently working on several research projects such as, Obstetrical and Iatrogenic Fistula prevention, management and outcome in Uganda. He is also collaborating with Suellen Miller, PhD, RN, CNM, MHA, Alison El Ayadi PhD and others on research projects studying prevention, clinical outcome and reintegration of women into their communities/families following vesicovaginal fistula repair in Uganda, East Africa. These include an R01 (impact score of 23, which translated to the 7th percentile) to recruit a longitudinal cohort following fistula repair for three years following surgery to understand time-varying risk factors of adverse outcomes: fistula recurrence, incident and persistent incontinence, and adverse pregnancy outcome in post-repair pregnancies. A second R01 submission: “PROtocol-Trained Environment for Cesarean Delivery Trial (PROTECT): Feasibility and Effectiveness of an Evidence-based Cesarean Protocol in a Low Resource Environment” that will investigate the effectiveness of training in Cesarean section on reduction of maternal morbidity including proxies for development of obstetrical fistula. Has also submitted a R21 to collect prospective data collection in 4 hospitals in Uganda to identify major contributors to cesarean-related complications and to perform qualitative work for context-specific intervention strategy development to reduce c/s related morbidity.

Jeannette Lager, MD, MPH

Dr. Lager’s research interests are in disparities among patients undergoing fibroid treatment procedures, enhanced recovery after surgery, and patient centered education about this and surgical education in the school of medicine.