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Department of

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

UCSF ObGyn&RS Administration

Research Administration and Compliance

Pre-and Post-award Procedures

Pre-Award Procedures

All Pre-Award effort supporting ObGyn & RS takes place in the consolidated Research Management Services (RMS) Team J.

RMS Manager Michelle Kim Stevens 415/476-9730
Research Services Coordinator
Keith Jones 415/278-1865
Research Services Coordinator
Ob/Gyn/GS, Gynecologic Oncology, MFM, REI, Uro-Gynecology
Christine Van Dyke 415/297-0560
Research Services Coordinator

ZSFG Division Information

Please Note: Please Note: All SFGH division PIs must first consult with either Siobhan Hayes (Bixby PIs) or Jane Meier (SFGH-based PIs) before contacting RMS.

ZSFG Division Jane Meier 415/206-3639
Bixby Center Siobhan Hayes 415/476-2634

Important Note: Deadline for approval of all external contracts, grants and clinical trials are 10 business days before due to sponsor. Budgets and narratives must be in final form at the time submitted to the Chair/CRS Director.

Research Management Services (RMS) supports the preparation and submission of all proposals and sponsor correspondence* for the following funding types:

  • All NIH award mechanisms (R, K, F, P, U, T)
  • Other federal agencies, including CDC, HRSA, DoD
  • State Contracts (RFP only, not sole source)
  • All non-profit grants and fellowships
  • International grants and fellowships
  • Federal contracts
  • CIRM awards
* Sponsor correspondence includes:
  • New proposals
  • Subcontracts
  • After-the-Fact proposals
  • Just-in-Time reports
  • Progress reports (non-competing continuations)
  • Competing renewals
  • Carry-forward requests
  • No-cost extensions
  • Final reports

Post-Award Management and Administration

The Department has a set of procedures for the management and administration of post-award activities. These procedures guide post-award staff in the administration of extramural funding. These include:
PDF iconPost Award Management An Overview
PDF iconFund Setup Procedure
PDF iconMonthly Reconciliation Procedure
PDF iconBSR Template 050608
PDF iconBSR Workbook Tutorial 040208

Fund Close-Out Procedures:

PDF iconExampleAClosingFunds
PDF iconExampleBClosingFunds

Principal investigators can expect post-award staff to provide ongoing fund expense and revenue information for review and management as well as fund close-out activities for completed contracts, grants and clinical trials. The following individuals cover post-award activities:

Research Enterprise Director Eric W. Ormsby 415/476-4428
Urogynecology, WHCRC, ANSIRH Michele Benjamin 415/476-6808
Ob/Gyn/GS, Gynecologic Oncology, REI Margie Dere 415/502-8452
CRS Jeffrey Liu 415/502-3354
MFM, PRHE Sara Thompson 415/502-2613
MFM, PTBi Saiqa Anne Qureshi 415/476-2052

ZSFG Division

SFGH Division Cecilia Zhao 415/206-5671
Bixby Center Mary de la Roca
John Rosin
Michele Benjamin

The Department makes every effort to provide principal investigators with the tools to submit proposals and to provide information for investigators to manage their awards. Additional Pre-and Post-Award information can also be obtained from:

Research Administration (Department-based) Eric W. Ormsby 415/476-4428
SFGH Division Jane Meier 415/206-3639
Bixby Center of SFGH Division Sarah Glass 415/502-4097

Clarification on New NIH Salary Cap
Additional guidance has been received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) regarding the NIH Salary Cap Notice. The following matrix explains the implementation of the changes from Executive Level 1 to Executive Level 2.

PDF iconNIH_SalCap_matrix

NIH has also provided rebudgeting examples and additional NIH guidance.