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Alexandra (Jana) Freeman, MD

Clinical Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology

Research/Clinical Interests:

Dr. Freeman's clinical research interests include early detection of gynecological cancer among high risk women as well as perioperative quality improvement and safety to improve surgical care among women with gynecologic malignancies.
Her current laboratory research investigates cellular changes in response to BRCA mediated DNA repair deficiency among women with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome.



Yale University


History of History and Science


Johns Hopkins University

Pre-Medical Program



George Washington University School of Medicine




Kaiser Permanente San Francisco


Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Sciences

Anticipated 2020

University of California, San Francisco


Gynecologic Oncology

Achievements & Recognition

May 2005     Academic Distinction, Bates Research Fellowship, Saybrook College Master’s                          Award

June 2014    University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Resident Teaching Award

June 2015    University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Resident Teaching Award

June 2016    Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons Resident Achievement Award

Selected Publications

Freeman, A.H., Allison Barrie, Liisa Lyon, Carol Conell, Christine Garcia, Ramey D. Littell, C. Bethan Powell. Does Surgical Teaching Take Time? Resident Participation in Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy for Endometrial Cancer. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. 2017, Jul - Aug; 24(5):783-789. PMID: 28336363

Grover, S., Martei, Y., Prabhakar, P., Mutebi, M., Balogun, O., Freeman, A.H., Rodin, D., Rayne, S., Zetola, N., Breast Cancer and HIV in Sub-Sarahan Africa: A Complex Relationship. Journal of Global Oncology. In press Oct, 2016.

Allison Barrie, Freeman, A.H., Liisa Lyon, Carol Conell, Christine Garcia, Ramey D. Littell, Laura H. Abbot, C. Bethan Powell. Classification of postoperative complications in Robotic-assisted compared with laparoscopic hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology. 2016, Nov – Dec; 23(7):1181-1181. PMID: 27621195

Freeman, A.H., Barrie, A., Lyon, L., Conell, C., Garcia, C., Littell, R.D., and Powell, C.B. Venous thromboembolism among women undergoing minimally invasive surgery for endometrial cancer. Gynecologic Oncology. 2016, Aug; 2(2): 267-72. PMID: 27264213

Derache, A., Shin, H., Balamane, M., Betsy, E., Israelski, D., Klausner, J.D., Freeman, A.H., Katzenstein, D. Emergent and Detectable Proviral DNA Drug Resistance in a Community Treatment Program. PLoS One. 2015, Jan; 10(1): 1- 14.

Freeman, A.H., Pasupuleti, Archana, and Markowsky, Allison. A 13 Year-Old Boy with Persistent Emesis. Pediatric Annals. 2014, Mar; 43(3): 104-106. PMID: 24605857

Adamson, P. Krupp, K., Niranjankumar, B., Freeman, A.H, J., Khan, M., Madhivanan, P. Are marginalized women being left behind? A population-based study of institutional births in Karnataka, India. BMC Public Health. 2012, Jan; 12(30): 1-6. PMID: 22240002.