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Administration Teams

Chair's Office

Andrea V. Jackson - Department Chair
Connie Yu – Associate Chair of Administration & Finance
Dianna Jouan - Senior Finance Director
Brenda Kittredge - Director of Operations, Chief of Staff
Mary Beth Blasnek - Division Administrator (ZSFG)
Lan Pham - Division Administrator (MB, MZ, Parnassus)
open - Division Administrator (REI)
Noel Chow - Director of Research Administration
Erika Pham - Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Emmy Pasternak - Executive Assistant to Chair
Hilary Bunlert - Administrative Officer


Brenda Kittredge - Director of Operations, Chief of Staff
Veronica Alvarez - Academic Affairs HR Manager
Tatiana Beltran - HR Analyst
Brian Guinea - Staff HR Analyst
Amanda Martinez - Digital Communications Specialist
Vashti Sinigayan - Staff HR Manager
Wendy Turner - Communications Director
Cherri Wright-Taylor - Floor Coordinator


Dianna Jouan - Senior Finance Director
Tayo Oguns - Senior Financial Analyst
Minette Bawiin - Financial Analyst


Noel Chow - Director of Research Administration
Claudia Ng - Lead Research Administrator
Lina Yu - Lead Research Administrator 
Soo Shin - Lead Research Administrator
Susana Szeto - Lead Research Administrator
Barry Louie - Research Financial Analyst
Yvonne Kwok – Financial Services Analyst

Education (GME/CME)

Sara Whetstone - Director, Residency Program
Biftu Mengesha - Associate Director, Residency Program
Laura Pliska - Administrative Director Graduate Medical Education
Open - Medical Education Coordinator (ZSFG)
Marybeth Marcelino - GME  & Residency Coordinator
Patrick Canio - CME-GME Coordinator

Education (MedEd)

Jeannette Lager - Director of Medical Student Education
Naomi Stotland - Assoc. Director of Medical Student Education
Kristin Olson - Medical Student Program Administrator
Open - Medical Student Program Coordinator
Jacalyn Flagg - Program Coordinator (URI & Med Student curriculums)


Mary Beth Blasnek - Division Administrator (Finance, HR & Ops)
Carmen Nakapaahu-Guerrero - Assistant Division Administrator
Christopher Phillips - Division Analyst & Comms Lead
Yvette Villicana - Director of Research Administration, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health