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Grand Rounds

*all lectures are at 9:10 am unless otherwise noted*

**Zoom Only (presentations with in-person options will be listed)**
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Grand Rounds is currently on hiatus and will return on September 10, 2024.



Recent Recordings: 

Tuesday, June 11

To give or not to give? Rh immunoglobulin in early pregnancy - Sarah Horvath, MD, MSHP, FACOG

Tuesday, June 4 

Let’s talk about it: Palliative care in OB/GYN - Allyson Jang, MD

Tuesday, May 28 (Zoom)

Exploring the Cesarean Delivery Triple Burden in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies from Ghana and Uganda - Adeline Boatin, MD, MPH

Tuesday, May 21

The Interplay of Life and Career: This is Not Advice! - Meg Autry, MD

Tuesday, May 14

Intervening on multi-level barriers to accessing oncofertility care - H. Irene Su, MD MSCE - Followed by Graduating Fellows Presentations

Tuesday, May 7

Placenta accreta spectrum: standard and emerging treatment strategies Brett D. Einerson, MD, MPH

Tuesday, April 30

Urogenital Pain Disorders: A Trauma-based Approach - Olga Ramm, MD, MS

Tuesday, April 16

Black Joy - Reproductive Autonomy and Self Managed Abortion - April Lockley, DO

Tuesday, April 9 (Zoom)

Braiding together Evidence, Equity, and Advocacy for Cervical Cancer Prevention - Linda Eckert, MD

Tuesday, April 2 (Zoom & in-person @ Mission Bay - Oberndorf Auditorium)

From the Soils of Easter Island to the Medical Centers of the U.S.: Tracing the Unlikely Yet Promising Journey of Rapamycin to Slow Ovarian Aging, Delay Menopause, and Maybe Even Improve Women's Health - Zev Williams, MD, PhD

Tuesday, March 19 

From theory to the clinic room: How clinicians can use communication theory to improve discussions about sexual health with Black women - Janeane N. Anderson, PhD, MPH

Tuesday, March 12

Birth Consent: Who, When, Why. Olga Ramm, MD, MS - Followed by Chief Resident Presentations

Tuesday, March 5 

Working with advocacy organizations to shape policy: Case studies and advice for clinicians and researchers - OBGYN&RS Policy Advocacy Committee: Ariel Eastburn McCormick, MA, Erin Hubbard, MPH, Rashmi Joglekar, PhD, Ashley Mitchell, MPH, CPE, Alisha Tolani, MD, Katie Woodruff, DrPH

Additional Resources:

Tuesday, February 27

A Framework for Teaching and Learning Procedures: Putting the Evidence into Practice - Ramey Littell, MD

Tuesday, February 20 

Working toward birth equity in California: A multi-level look at progress, pitfalls, and opportunities - Sarah B. Garrett, PhD

Tuesday, February 13 

Healing Perinatal Care: Implementing Trauma Informed-Care and Systems at UCSF - Margot Pumar, MD & Tricia Wright, MD, MS, FACOG, DFASAM

Tuesday, February 6

The next generation of IVF medications - oral FSH receptor agonists - Joie Guner, MD

Tuesday, January 30 

Rising to the Challenge: Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences – Improve Perinatal Outcomes - Diana E. Ramos, MD, MPH, MBA, FACOG - California Surgeon General

Tuesday, January 23

Mentorship and teamwork in fetal/ neonatal genomics - Rebecca M. Reimers, MD, MPH, FACOG

Tuesday, January 16

Caring for Providers to Improve Patient Experience (CPIPE): intervention development and mixed methods evaluation results - Patience A. Afulani, MBChB, MPH, PhD

Tuesday, January 9

GynOnc M&M: intersection of violence & cervical cancer - Rachel Levy, MD

Tuesday, January 2 

Providing mifepristone in non-abortion clinic settings: Barriers and strategies for success - Debra Stulberg, MD, MAPP

Tuesday, December 5 

The Stony Brook Center for Global Health Equity: Striving for A Different Model for Academic Engagement in Global Health - Sierra Washington, MD, MSc, FACOG

Tuesday, November 28 

Queering OB/GYN: Reflections from an Early Career Academic Generalist - Iman Berrahou, MD

Tuesday, November 14

From Residency to the Reservation: OB/GYN in the IHS (Chinle, Arizona) - Claudia Diaz, MD, MPH, FACOG & Rebecca Schwartz, MD

Tuesday, November 7

Highly Effective, Over the Counter Contraception - Colleen Denny, MD

Tuesday, October 31

Primary Prevention and Uterine Preservation in Premenopausal Women with Obesity and Endometrial Hyperplasia - Andrea Hagemann, MD

Tuesday, October 24 

Building Systems of Support for and with Youth in Rural Fresno County - Nancy Berglas, DrPH

Tuesday, October 17 

Nourishing Pregnancy - Sarah Nelson

Tuesday, October 10 

Tackling Endometriosis through Data, AI, and Citizen Science - Noémie Elhadad, PhD

Tuesday, October 3

Short Cervix in Twin Pregnancy and Preterm Birth Prevention - Joseph R. Biggio Jr., MD, MS

Tuesday, September 26

Practicing Medicine Under Abortion Bans in Catholic Hospitals - Lori Freedman, PhD

Tuesday, September 19

Is it Hot in Here? Learning Climate in Clinical Teaching - Bradley Sharpe, MD