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Grand Rounds Academic Year 2022-2023

Tuesday, June 13

OB/GYN QI Projects

Ob/Gyn Residency and MFM Fellowship QI Project: Improving Patient Experience After A Difficult Birth - Arianna Cassidy, MD
If you don't use it, lose it: Reducing overprescription of opioids for patients using 0 OME prior to discharge after open surgery - Alison McGough-Maduena, MD, MPH
Improving the patient experience of early pregnancy loss at the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health - Alisha Tolani, MD
Social Needs Screening in the Preoperative Gynecology Clinic at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital - Jolene Kokroko, MD, MPH

Tuesday, June 6 

Building a multidisciplinary Endometriosis team Zaraq Khan, MBBS, MCR, FACOG

Tuesday, May 30 

Consequences of the End of Roe: Experiences of Access RJ and Lessons from the Turnaway Study Diana Greene Foster, PhD & Jessica Pinckney Gil

Tuesday, May 23

Traditional Midwifery: Making Space for the Sacred - Mama Gingi Cleopatri, CPM, LM, Ana Delgado, CNM, MS, Karen Lopez-Acero, CNM, MS, Nantzin Maldonado, RN, PHN, NCM, WHNP, Maria Ramos, CNM

Tuesday, May 16

Maternal Immunization: the present and the near future…                                & Fellowship Research Day Presentations Laura E. Riley, MD followed by graduating Fellows

Tuesday, May 9 

Room to improve: postoperative opioids in gynecologic surgery - Allison Kay, MD

Tuesday, May 2 

Musculoskeletal Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women - Colleen Fitzgerald, MD, MS

Tuesday, April 25

Preoperative frailty screening – a surgical pause worth waiting for - Stephanie Cham, MD

Tuesday, April 18

Anemia for the Obstetrics and Gynecology Provider - Andrew Leavitt, MD

Tuesday, April 11

Making Space for Black Researchers and Community Members to lead Reproductive Justice Work - Brittany Chambers Butcher, MPH, PhD

Tuesday, April 4

Naming and Addressing Ableism in Reproductive Healthcare - Waru Gichane, PhD, MSPH, Tara Casebolt, MSW, MPH, PhD, Bianca I Laureano, PhD, MA, CSE, CSES, & Robin Wilson-Beattie

Tuesday, March 14 

Mitigating misogynoir: Contending with the root of inequity in perinatal care                  & Resident Research Day Presentations Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds, MD, MPH, MS followed by Chief Residents

Tuesday, March 7 (Zoom only)

MAPS: Multidisciplinary Approach to the Placenta "Safely getting patients from here to there" - Tushani Illangasekare, MD & Vickie Feldstein, MD

Tuesday, February 21

Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Pregnancy: Evidence-based Best-Practices and a Path Forward - Kelsey Loeliger, MD, PhD

Tuesday, February 14 

Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence in Obstetrics & Gynecology Practice - Nathaniel DeNicola, MD, MSHP

Tuesday, February 7

Congenital Heart Disease in Pregnancy - Ian Harris, MD

Tuesday, January 31

Experimental and translational approaches to elucidate toxic effects of environmental chemical exposure on human pregnancy Joshua F. Robinson, PhD

Tuesday, January 24 

HIV and infant feeding: A case study in evolving practice with an anti-oppression and reproductive justice lens - Deborah Cohan MD MPH, Monica Hahn, MD MPH MS, Lealah Pollock MD MS, Theodore Ruel MD

Tuesday, January 17 

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and the Brain: How a Common Hormonal Disorder can Impact on Mood, Cognition and Sleep - Heather Huddleston, MD

Tuesday, January 3 

Frailty evaluation and prehabilitation in gynecologic oncology--are we ready for primetime? - Amanika Kumar, MD

Tuesday, December 6

Vagal Emergencies in OBGYN: Collaborating With The Anesthesia Team - Dylan Masters, MD, & Patrick Binetti, MD

Tuesday, November 29

Confronting the maternal mental health crisis: an integrated behavioral health model - Sarah Isquick, MD

Tuesday, November 15 

Humanitarian Medicine: Solidarity not Saviorism - Rasha Khoury, MD, MPH, FACOG

Tuesday, November 8 

An Exploration of Black Women’s Lived Experiences of Abortion - Katherine Brown, MD, MAS

Tuesday, November 1 

Creating change and building bridges: How OBGYNs can sustain important work in challenging environments Sigrid Williams, MD, MPH

Tuesday, October 25

Lessons learned from 5+ years of standardized ultrasound ovarian cancer risk assessment in an integrated health system - Betty Suh-Burgmann, MD

Tuesday, October 18

Restorative Justice: A mindset and a practice of building, strengthening, and restoring relationships - Maria S. Jaochico, M.Ed and Juri Sanchez, MSW

Tuesday, October 4 

Weight science: The impact of bias - Katie DePalma, DNP, CNM, WHNP-BC, FACNM & Signey Olson, DNP, CNM, WHNP-BC, FACNM

Tuesday, September 20 

Obstetric Quality Improvement Update - Melissa Rosenstein, MD, MAS

Tuesday, September 13

Monkeypox: History, Epidemiology, Prevention, Treatment - Monica Gandhi MD, MPH