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Grand Rounds Academic Year 2021-2022


Tuesday, June 14

OB/GYN QI Projects - 

Weight Management Education for Endometrial Cancer Patients - Allyson Jang, MD
Care Bundle to Prevent Cesarean Delivery Wound Complications - Christine Blauvelt, MD & Diana Robles, MD
Improving the Transition from Postpartum to Primary Care - Christine Blauvelt, MD

Tuesday, May 31

Using our expertise to effect change: Advocacy in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences - Advocacy Strategy Committee

Tuesday, May 24

Vaginal microbiome and metabolome profile in asymptomatic reproductive tract infections and HIV; potential for new therapies - Moses M. Obimbo MBcChb, Dip FELASA C, MSci., MMeD, PhD, Postdoc

Tuesday, May 17

“I like Big Data and I cannot lie”: Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence in Surgical Skills Assessment and Coaching     &     Fellowship Research Day Presentations Chi Chiung Grace Chen, MD, MHS followed by Fellows

Tuesday, May 3

Linking heterogeneity in fetal development to oocyte fate and fitness Diana Laird, PhD

Tuesday, April 26

Cervical Cancer Screening: Context Matters Megan Swanson, MD, MPH

Tuesday, April 19

Preventative Care Visit Guidelines Update    &    Resident Research Day Presentations David P. Chelmow, MD followed by Chief Residents

Tuesday, April 12

The Shifting Laws In Reproductive Health - Michele Goodwin

Tuesday, April 5

“Help, she’s bleeding!” The journey to develop Virtual Mentor, a chatbot to support clinicians managing postpartum hemorrhage in limited resource settings - Dilys Walker, MD (she/her)

Tuesday, March 29

Antenatal Corticosteroids for Late Preterm Infants: Where Are We Today? - Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, MD, MS, FACOG

Tuesday, March 22

Physician burnout: extinguishing the flame - Eve Feinberg, MD, FACOG

Tuesday, March 15

Evidence on Term Breech Since the Term Breech Trial - Rixa Freeze, PhD

Tuesday, March 1

Breast and nipple complications in lactation: updates in evidence-based care - Rachel Yang, MD, CLC

Tuesday, February 22

3D Health Initiative and Precision Medicine Efforts at UCSF - Aleksandar Rajkovic, MD, PhD

Tuesday, February 15

Telehealth: Present and Future - Therese Chan Tack, DO, MPH, Patty Nason, & Carol Yarbrough, MBA, CPC, CCA, OCS, CHC

Additional Resources:

  • Interpreter tip sheets for the “on-demand” option:
  1. Video Visit Including Audio Interpreter Tip Sheet
  2. Interpreter Services - Zoom On-Demand Video Interpreting
  • Preschedule through the Carelinks website by filling out this form
  • For Providers & Staff - 1:1 provider trainings, group staff trainings, and customized training based on clinic's needs or anyone who needs a video visit training/refresher can put in a request here

Tuesday, February 1

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Gynecologic Cancer Survivors: Who, Why, What, How Long? - Nicole Marjon, MD, PhD

Tuesday, January 25

Fetal Precision Medicine and Emerging Therapies - Tippi Mackenzie, MD, Mary Norton, MD, & Teresa Sparks, MD, MAS

Tuesday, January 18

Evidence-Based Discrimination: the MFMU VBAC calculator and the implementation of a race-adjusted clinical algorithm in American obstetrics - Nicholas Rubashkin, MD, MA, PhD

Tuesday, January 11

What Does Healthcare Have to Do With It? Our Role with BIPOC Families Impacted by the Family Regulation System - Alexis Cobbins, MSW, Jada Curry, Ana Delgado, CNM, & Shanell Williams

Tuesday, January 4

Perinatal Collaborative Care: An Integrated Approach to Improving Mental Health in Pregnancy - Amanda Yeaton-Massey, MD & Margo Pumar, MD

Tuesday, December 7

Reconsidering race/ethnicity in evaluating reproductive health outcomes: Insights from critical medical anthropology - Ashish Premkumar, MD, FACOG

Tuesday, November 30

Transforming an inequitable system – black voices in academic medicine - Nerys Benfield, MD, MPH

Tuesday, November 23

O-RADS: A Systematic Approach to Adnexal Imaging - Priyanka Jha, MBBS & Lori Strachowski, MD

Tuesday, November 16

Understanding the Role of HRT in People with or at Risk for Breast Cancer - Mindy Goldman, MD

Tuesday, November 9

Abortion in the Deep South: A Provider's Perspective - Zoë Julian, MD, MPH

Tuesday, November 2

FASD Prevention - Douglas Kent Fenton, MD, FACOG & Peggy Combs-way

Tuesday, October 26

The Intersection of Abolition and Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare - Michelle D. Chan, Ana Delgado, CNM, Mariela Nevarez, MD, Jessica M. Roach, MPH
Additional Resources: Follow-Up Links

Tuesday, October 19

Decolonized Indigenous Maternal and Infant Health: Storytelling as Science - Janelle Palacios, PhD, CNM
Additional Resources: UCSF Indigenous Health History Resources 2021

Tuesday, October 12

Impact of the Endocrine Disrupters and Climate Change on Reproductive Health: What’s Going On? What Can We Do? - Linda Giudice, MD, PhD

Tuesday, September 28

LGBTQ+ Patients in the Obstetric Setting: A Focus on Birth Certificates and Parental Structures - Iman Berrahou, MD

Tuesday, September 14

Update on COVID-19 and Pregnancy - Stephanie L. Gaw, MD, PhD, Juan M. Gonzalez, MD, MS, PhD, & Roxanna A. Irani, MD, PhD