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Nurse Midwifery at UCSF and SFGH

Midwifery: Supporting Normalcy at UCSF and ZSFG

Midwives at the Mission Bay and Zuckerberg San Francisco General campuses are significant members of our obstetrical teams. This reflects the department’s commitment to providing women with the best care possible, by drawing on midwifery’s expertise in supporting the normal processes of pregnancy and childbirth. Numerous studies have demonstrated that women cared for by midwives are highly satisfied and have favorable obstetric outcomes. Midwives at UCSF are nurses with advanced (Master’s degree level) training in midwifery. The midwives at the Mission Bay Campus are essential providers in a collaborative practice; they work with the MFM physicians and generalist obstetricians providing direct supervision of our residents and medical students while providing care for the childbearing woman and her family. Link here for more information on our Nurse-Midwifery programs.

New Publication: Making Room at the Table for Obstetrics, Midwifery, and a Culture of Normalcy Within Maternity Care, Chitra P. Akileswaran, MD, MBA, and Margaret S. Hutchison, CNM, MSN; follow this story by linking to the Every Mother Counts Blog: Making Room for Midwives