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Jennifer Fung, MD
Jennifer Fung, PhD

Associate Professor
[email protected]

Contact Information
Mailing Address: Genentech Hall, Box 2200,
San Francisco, CA 94143
Academic Phone: 415/514-4309
Academic Fax: 415/514-4145
Research/Clinical Interests

We have developed a microarray-based method to measure the level of crossover control on a genome-wide basis in order to rapidly identify mutants that affect the regulation of crossover positioning on chromosomes. With the ultimate goal of understanding the mechanism behind crossover regulation, my lab is using time-lapse and structural illumination microscopy, combined with microarray analysis, genetics and biochemistry, to examine how these mutants with varying levels of crossover control affect overall chromosome segregation during meiosis.

Year Institution & Location Degree Field of Study
1987 Univ. of California, Berkeley B.S. Biophysics
1996 Univ. of California, San Francisco PhD Biophysics
2003 Yale University, Cambridge Postdoc Genetics
2008 Univ. of California, San Francisco Fellow Genomics/Cell Biology
Achievements & Recognition
Year Major Honors
1992 Mentor Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco
1994 International Congress of Electron Microscopy Student Award
1996 Damon Runyon - Walter Winchell Cancer Foundation Fellowship
2003 UCSF Fellow Program Fellowship, The Sandler Foundation
Selected Publications

Fung, J.C., Marshall, W.F., Dernburg, A.F., Agard, D.A., and Sedat, J.W. (1998) Homologous chromosome pairing in Drosophila melanogaster proceeds through multiple independent interactions. J. Cell Biol. 141: 5-20.

Fung, J.C., Sedat, J.W., and Marshall, W.F. (2002) Homologous DNA associations in interphase: spatial organization of the interphase nucleus. In The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences vol. 9 pp 171-175. Nature Publishing Group, London UK.

Rockmill, B.M., Fung, J.C. and Roeder, G.S. (2003) The Sgs1 helicase regulates chromosome synapsis and meiotic crossing over. Curr. Biol. 13: 1954-1962

Fung, J.C., Rockmill, B., Odell, M., and Roeder, G.S. (2004) Imposition of crossover interference through the nonrandom distribution of synapsis initiation complexes. Cell 166: 795-802.

Chen, S,C., Tsubouchi, T., Sandler, J.S., Richards, D.R., Rockmill, B.M., Roeder, G.S. and Fung, J.C (2008) Global analysis of the meiotic crossover landscape reveals unexpected roles for synaptonemal complex proteins. Dev. Cell. in review