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Residency Program


Why Ob/Gyn

I am a first generation Mexican American raised in San Diego, California where I served as a Spanish medical translator for my family members. One of my most exciting memories of being a translator was when my Spanish-speaking cousin was in labor and needed me to translate—I was only 15 years old when I witnessed my first vaginal birth. Since then, life has guided me in the direction to help, support and improve the health of women.

Immediately after graduating from college, I worked as a chemist for a biotechnology company committed to improving women’s health. After six years of developing diagnostic kits and screening tools to help women, I decided that becoming an obstetrician and gynecologist would directly connect me with the patients whose lives I was already touching. Thus, I knew from the first day of medical school that my calling was to serve and treat women. My passion for women’s health has continued to grow as I have continued on this journey.


UCSF’s commitment in training the next generation of Ob/Gyn leaders—not only nationally but globally—confirmed that UCSF is where I need to train. With my passion to learn from the best Ob/Gyn’s in the country and my fire to make a positive impact in women’s lives, UCSF is the perfect fit. My core values and UCSF’s core values align perfectly, giving me the opportunity to be my most authentic-self, which translates into better patient care.

What I do outside of residency?

I enjoy scuba diving and moving back to the west coast has me pumped-up to explore new dive spots. If I’m not in the water, I am most likely playing the piano or flute with my wife, who is also a talented musician. My wife and I are new to San Francisco and we are excited to explore all the wonderful treasures San Francisco offers.

Aileen Portugal, MD
Aileen Portugal, MD
Resident Physician - PGY 1

[email protected]

If you are a patient, please do not contact a physician by email without his/her prior expressed consent due to confidentiality concerns.

Main Address

UCSF OB/GYN&RS Residency Program
550 16th Street, 7th Floor
OBGYN, Mailstop 0132
San Francisco, CA 94143-0132

Location Office Phone Fax
Mission Bay (415) 476 - 5192 (415) 476 - 1811
Mount Zion (415) 353 - 9240 (415) 353 - 9509
San Francisco General Hospital (415) 206 - 3061 (415) 206 - 3112

Research/Clinical Interests: Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Health Policy, Health Disparities, LGBTQ Health, Global Health



Institution Degree Field of Study
current University of California, San Francisco Residency Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
2019 Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield Illinois MD Medicine
2015 Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Post-baccalaureate MEDPREP Program, Carbondale Illinois    
2007 University of California, San Diego BS Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Research & Professional Experience

2017-2019 The Impact of Maternal Inflammation on Preterm Birth: The Effects of Estrogen Metabolites and Fecal Microbiome.
2018-2019 A Quantitative, Systems Biology, Multi-omic Approach to Diagnose and Predict Response to Treatment for Gynecologic Cancers.
2017-2019 Diversity Advisory Council for Southern Illinois University Systems Board of Trustee's.
2017-2019 Voting member of the Student Progress Committee, SPC, at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
2017-2018 National Hispanic Medical Association Midwest Steering Committee Member
2017 President and Founder: Latino Medical Student Association, LMSA, chapter at Southern Illinois University.
2016-2017 To screen a predominantly African American community for high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, cholesterol and BMI pre and post health education workshops and observe whether education improved their health overtime.
2016 To isolate mRNA and run samples on a RT-PCR after treating female rats with estrogen and progesterone and subsequently harvesting the arcuate nucleus for mRNA seeking gene expression differences.
2015 President and Founder: Gay and Lesbian Medical Association chapter at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
2010-2013 Synthesized, purified and analyzed DNA and RNA oligonucleotides used in FDA regulated HIV and HPV diagnostic kits.
2009-2013 Toastmasters International Club President.
2008-2010 Assisted in the development of an assay to detect the presence of prostate cancer by amplifying traces of mRNA from the ERG gene in urine.
2006-2008 Cultured and monitored the growth of the bacteria Xanthomonas Campestris used to make xanthan gum.

Achievements & Recognition

Year Major Honors
2019 Latino Medical Student Association, LMSA, JP Sanchez Scholarship
2018 Harold Bardo Medical Student Scholarship
2018 American Medical Association's Women in Medicine and Science Spotlight Honoree
2018 Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar
2018 eQuality Scholar presented by Kaiser Permanente
2017, 2018 Culturally Integrated Education for Latinos Organization, CIELO, Scholarship Award
2017, 2018 The Point Foundation Scholarship Finalist


Portugal, A. Nhung, Le., Wilson, T., Groesch, K., Diaz-Sylvester, P., Loret de Mola, R., Braundmeier-Fleming, A. The Impact of Maternal Inflammation on Preterm Birth: The Effects of Estrogen Metabolites and Fecal Microbiome. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. 2019 May Annual Conference. Nashville, TN. ePoster Presentation.

Portugal A, Dufner A, Hasan A, Agnew T, Smith C.L., MS, MA, LAc, MD. How Can Students Help Clinicians Approach Barriers in Individualized Nutritional Counseling? Student generated solutions to clinical nutritional counseling. The 10th Annual Symposium for Teaching and Learning, April 2019. Springfield IL. Poster Presentation

Portugal, A. (April 2018) Does Health Knowledge Improve Health Outcomes? An Eastside Community Health Initiative Poster presented at: Latino Medical Student Association National Conference Annual Research Symposium; Miami, FL, 2018 April, Poster Presentation.

Portugal, A. (April, 2017). What Effect Does Progesterone Have on Gene Expression in the Arcuate Nucleus of Female Rats? Oral Presentation presented at: 27th Annual Trainee Research Symposium at SIU School of Medicine.; Springfield, IL. Oral Presentation.

Portugal, A. (September, 2016). What Effect Does Progesterone Have on Gene Expression in the Arcuate Nucleus of Female Rats? Oral Presentation presented at: Mentored Professional Enrichment Experience Symposium at SIU School of Medicine; Springfield, IL. Oral Presentation.