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National Remote OBGYN Resident Didactics


  • We need your feedback. Please complete the evaluation for National Remote OBGYN Resident Didactics.
  • Given the incredible response to the National Remote OBGYN Resident Didactics, we have decided to extend the series through May 2020. We have a schedule full of stellar OBGYN faculty educators who have volunteered their time to share their expertise with you. Please see below for the schedule.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of residents and their families across the country. We recognize the amazing work that residents are doing on the front lines and in their programs on behalf of the patients and the communities they serve. These are truly unprecedented times, and we cannot underestimate how this pandemic has affected your well-being, work, and education. As educators committed to your growth and inspired by efforts in other specialties, we have joined our resources to create a remote curriculum for OBGYN residents across the country. This curriculum will feature some of our best medical educators to help foster your learning even as our usual didactics have been disrupted.

Each weekday, a live didactic session will be given online at 10AM Pacific Standard Time. You will be able to access the lectures via this link (Please e-mail [email protected] for password).

Participants will be muted during the lecture portion; however, there will be time for questions and discussion through the chat function at the end of each presentation. For those of you who are unable to join the lecture, each session will be recorded and can be found below.



Upcoming Schedule & Recordings

Past sessions can be found here: April Recordings

Note: The download feature has been enabled for all recordings. We advise downloading the session if you experience any issues with the web browser stream.

We need your feedback. Please complete the evaluation for National Remote OBGYN Resident Didactics.

Friday,      5/1

STI Treatment Update – Michael Policar (UCSF)

Monday,  5/4 Induction of Labor at 39 Wks - Aaron Caughey (OHSU)
Tuesday, 5/5

Sexual pain in women: vestibulodynia, pelvic floor myalgia, and the psychosexual arena - Amy Stenson (OHSU)

Wednesday, 5/6

Surgical Management of Prolapse - Kimberly Kenton (Northwestern)

Thursday, 5/7

Sexual Dysfunction - Florencia Polite (UPenn)

Friday,      5/8

Evidence-Based Strategies to Maximize Natural Conception - Robert Nachtigall (Kaiser Permanente San Francisco)

Handout to accompany the presentation: Preconception Counseling April 2020

Monday, 5/11

Chronic Vaginitis - Chemen Neal (Indiana University)

Tuesday, 5/12

Maternal Mortality & Severe Maternal Morbidity - Sarah Kilpatrick (Cedars Sinai Los Angeles)

Wednesday, 5/13

High-Value Care: A Framework for Sound Decision Making - George Sawaya (UCSF)

Thursday, 5/14

Management of Pre-Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy - Kirsten Salmeen (Kaiser Permanente San Francisco)

Friday,      5/15

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer - Stefanie Ueda (UCSF)

Monday, 5/18

Prevention of Ureteral Tract Injuries in MIH - Javier Magrina (Mayo Clinic Arizona)

Tuesday, 5/19

Medication Management of Abortion and Pregnancy Loss - Sarah Prager (University of Washington)

Wednesday, 5/20

Adenomyosis 2020 - Elizabeth Stewart (Mayo Clinic)

Thursday, 5/21

Pregnancy of Unknown Location - Jody Steinauer (UCSF)

Friday,      5/22

Evaluation and Management Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding in Adolescents - Julia Cron (Yale)

Tuesday, 5/26

Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy - Caitlin Martin (VCU)

Wednesday, 5/27

Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury - Michelle Morrill (Kaiser Permanente San Francisco)

Thursday, 5/28

Counseling/Management of a Patient with Primary Amenorrhea - Kenan Omurtag (Washington University)

Friday,      5/29

GYN Ultrasound Made Simple - Adrianne Dade (University of Chicago)