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I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri by way of Italy. Both my parents are Italian, and I grew up with a strong appreciation for my bicultural upbringing. I moved to the Bay Area for college in 2008 and have never left. I studied psychology at UC Berkeley and then worked as a clinical trials coordinator for two years at UCSF before starting medical school.

I first became interested in women’s health after volunteering as a health educator at a clinic serving uninsured patients in San Francisco. My interest in patient advocacy and teaching grew during medical school. I was drawn to Ob/Gyn for the diversity of the field, the close relationships between patients and providers, and the inherent role of activism within Ob/Gyn. I spent a year during medical school conducting research at the family planning clinic in San Francisco General Hospital and was constantly struck by the stigma and barriers patients faced in accessing care. I am honored to join UCSF Ob/Gyn as a resident – I fell in love with a department committed to caring for underserved patient populations, prioritizing diversity and social justice within their curriculum, and training clinicians to provide high-quality care in a variety of settings. I am excited to learn from and train alongside a group of residents and faculty who have served as important role models for me throughout medical school! As a resident I will continue pursuing my passion for medical education, family planning and patient advocacy.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, adventuring outdoors, cooking Italian food (especially homemade pasta!), visiting art museums, practicing yoga and running. I can’t wait to continue exploring this beautiful area over the next four years!

Chiara Corbetta-Rastelli, MD
Chiara Corbetta-Rastelli, MD
Resident Physician - PGY 3

[email protected]

If you are a patient, please do not contact a physician by email without their prior expressed consent due to confidentiality concerns.

Main Address

UCSF OB/GYN&RS Residency Program
490 Illinois Street
10th Floor, Box 0132
San Francisco, CA 94158

Location Office Phone Fax
Mission Bay (415) 476 - 5192 (415) 476 - 1811
Mount Zion (415) 353 - 9240 (415) 353 - 9509
San Francisco General Hospital (628) 206 - 3061 (628) 206 - 3112

Research/Clinical Interests: family planning, medical education, contraceptive counseling, health disparities



Institution Degree Field of Study
current University of California, San Francisco Residency Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
2019 University of California, San Francisco MD Medicine
2012 University of California, Berkeley BA Psychology

Research & Professional Experience

2018 Researcher - Research Allocation Program for Trainees, UCSF Dept of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences, SFGH Division
2015-2019 Instructor & Coordinator - UCSF Peer Teaching Program
2015-2019 Interviewer & Committee Member - UCSF School of Medicine Admissions Committee
2013-2014 Health Educator - San Francisco Women’s Community Clinic
2012-2014 Clinical Trials Coordinator - UCSF Memory & Aging Center
2010-2012 Researcher – Department of Neuroscience at UC Berkeley
2010 Intern – Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging at Washington University in St. Louis

Achievements & Recognition

Year Major Honors
2018 Member, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
2017-2018 UCSF School of Medicine Dean’s Yearlong Research Fellowship
2008-2012 UC Berkeley Dean’s Honor List

Oral Presentations

Kerns J, Steward R, Corbetta-Rastelli C, Pearlson G, Sokoloff A, Bednarek P, Drey E. (May, 2019). Intrafetal digoxin as an adjuvant for dilation and evacuation at 20 to 24 weeks’ gestation: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. National Abortion Federation’s 43rd Annual Meeting.

Corbetta-Rastelli C, Kerns J. (May, 2018). Digoxin Trial: inducing fetal demise prior to D&E. Yearlong Inquiry Oral Colloquium; San Francisco, CA, USA.

Poster Presentations

Corbetta-Rastelli CM, Morgan T, Homaifar N, Autry AM. Experiences in Electronic Consultation (eConsult) Service in Gynecology. Society for Academic Specialists in General Obstetrics and Gynecology - April 2021 (Virtual). Poster Presentation.

Corbetta-Rastelli CM, Steward R, Sokoloff A, Bednarek P, Drey E, Pearlson G, Kerns J. Participant side effect and satisfaction outcomes: secondary analysis of a randomized, double - blind, placebo - controlled trial of intrafetal digoxin as an adjuvant for dilation and evacuation at 20 to 24 weeks’ gestation - Society for Family Planning

Corbetta-Rastelli CM, Steward R, Pearlson G, Sokoloff A, Bednarek P, Drey E, Kerns J. (May, 2019). Intrafetal digoxin as an adjuvant for dilation and evacuation at 20 to 24 weeks’ gestation: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Poster presented at: UCSF Inquiry Symposium; San Francisco, CA, USA.

McNamara B, Joudeh L, Corbetta-Rastelli C, Orlando M, Kerns J. (May, 2019). Women’s experiences traveling out of state to receive abortion services. Poster presented at: National Abortion Federation’s 43rd Annual Meeting.

Corbetta-Rastelli C, Ghosh P, Madison C, Jagust W, Rabinovici G. (April, 2012). Diverging FDG-PET metabolism patterns in Corticobasal Syndrome correlate with beta-Amyloid deposition. Poster presented at: UC Berkeley Interdisciplinary Research Conference; Berkeley, CA, USA.

Corbetta-Rastelli C, Stark S. (July, 2010). Investigation of Factors associated with Home Modification Intervention Adherence in Community living older adults. Poster presented at: Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging Summer Research Poster Presentation; St. Louis, MO, USA.


Diamond-Smith N, Logan R, Marshall C, Corbetta-Rastelli CM, Gutierrez S, Adler A, Kerns J. COVID-19's impact on contraception experiences: exacerbation of structural inequities in women's health. Contraception. 2021 Aug 27;S0010-7824(21)00369-3. doi: 10.1016/j.contraception.2021.08.011. Online ahead of print. PMID: 34461136

Corbetta-Rastelli C, Morgan TK, Homaifar N, Deangelis L, Autry AM. Experiences in Electronic Consultation (eConsult) Service in Gynecology from a Quaternary Academic Medical Center. J Med Syst. 2021 Apr 6;45(5):58. doi: 10.1007/s10916-021-01732-9. PMID: 33825075

Kerns JL, Turk JK, Corbetta-RastelliCM, RosensteinMG, CaugheyAB, Steinauer JE. Second-trimester abortion attitudes and practices among maternal-fetal medicine and family planning subspecialists. BMC Women’s Health. 2020 Feb 3;20(1):20. doi: 10.1186/s12905-020-0889-9. PMID: 32013926

Lehmann M, Ghosh PM, Madison C, Laforce R Jr, Corbetta-Rastelli C, Weiner MW, Greicius MD, Seeley WW, Gorno-Tempini ML, Rosen HJ, Miller BL, Jagust WJ, Rabinovici GD. Diverging patterns of amyloid deposition and hypometabolism in clinical variants of probable Alzheimer's disease. Brain. 2013 Mar;136(Pt 3):844-58. doi: 10.1093/brain/aws327. Epub 2013 Jan 28. PMID: 23358601.

Sha SJ, Ghosh PM, Lee SE, Corbetta-Rastelli C, Jagust WJ, Kornak J, Rankin KP, Grinberg LT, Vinters HV, Mendez MF, Dickson DW, Seeley WW, Gorno-Tempini M, Kramer J, Miller BL, Boxer AL, Rabinovici GD. Predicting amyloid status in corticobasal syndrome using modified clinical criteria, magnetic resonance imaging and fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography. Alzheimers Res Ther. 2015 Mar 2;7(1):8. doi: 10.1186/s13195-014-0093-y. eCollection 2015. PMID: 25733984.

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