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Why Ob/Gyn?

I have always been driven by my desire to provide healthcare to the underserved, particularly women, adolescents, and immigrants. As a Dominican woman from the Bronx, the communities I identify with so intimately fueled my drive to attend medical school. By the time I began, I was relatively confident Obstetrics and Gynecology was the field for me. Third year clerkships only confirmed this. I loved the primary care aspects of the field—the continuity, the community involvement, and all the significant moments shared between providers and patients. I also loved the surgical and technical aspects of the field—the opportunity to work with my hands and have an immediate impact. But most of all, OB/GYN was the perfect avenue to continue advocating for my patients’ sexual and reproductive rights.


Though my heart will always belong to New York City, my soul keeps being drawn to the West Coast. I was captivated by the mission of UCSF and the institution’s clear commitment to social justice and health equity. I wanted to train somewhere where I would be surrounded by leaders and outstanding mentors in their fields. I am honored to have the opportunity to learn from physicians who are committed to improving healthcare for patients both inside and outside of the clinic.

What do I do outside of residency?

I love to eat and sleep. Once well-rested and well-fed, I enjoy yoga, going on short runs and long walks. When I get the chance, I paint landscapes and dance my heart away to merengue. I am excited to explore San Francisco and the Bay Area with my partner and our cat, Señor Hobbes!

Margaret Carrasco Arias, MD
Margaret Carrasco Arias, MD, MPH
Resident Physician - PGY 3

[email protected]

If you are a patient, please do not contact a physician by email without their prior expressed consent due to confidentiality concerns.

Main Address

UCSF OB/GYN&RS Residency Program
490 Illinois Street
10th Floor, Box 0132
San Francisco, CA 94158

Location Office Phone Fax
Mission Bay (415) 476 - 5192 (415) 476 - 1811
Mount Zion (415) 353 - 9240 (415) 353 - 9509
San Francisco General Hospital (628) 206 - 3061 (628) 206 - 3112



Institution Degree Field of Study
current University of California, San Francisco Residency Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
2019 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York, NY MD Medicine
2018 Columbia University; New York, NY MPH Public Health
2014 Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA BA Human Biology

Research & Professional Experience

2018 Department of Family Planning at Columbia University, Research Assistant
2018 ISMMS Admissions, Committee Member
2016 Arnhold Global Health Institute, Department of Family Medicine at ISMMS, Researcher
2015 Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA), Executive Board Member
2015 MedStart Enrichment Program, Co-Director

Achievements & Recognition

Year Major Honors
2014 Phi Beta Kappa


Carrasco Arias MS, Lockwood A, Ali M, Veras K, Olivares J, Bentley S, Dandekar A. Effects of a Hospital-Based Pilot Education Program on Breastfeeding Knowledge in Santiago, Dominican Republic. 2016 CUGH Global Health Conference. April 2016.

Lockwood A, Carrasco Arias MS, Ovalles M, Dandekar A, Bentley S. Factors Associated with Pediatric Emergency Room Utilization in an Urban Community Hospital in Santiago, Dominican Republic. 2016 CUGH Global Health Conference. April 2016.