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Betsy O‘Donnell, MD, FACOG
Department Ob/Gyn, Reproductive Sciences
Address 550 16th Street
San Francisco CA 94158
  • Gestational and Pre-Gestational Diabetes
  • Weight Gain During Pregnancy
  • Patient Education
  • Provider Communication
  • Issues Surrounding Periviable Deliveries
  • Disparities affecting underserved and disadvantaged populations
  • Pipeline initiatives in medical education

Cornell University




Stanford University




University of California, San Francisco


Obstetrics & Gynecology


University of California, San Francisco


Clinical Research


University of California, San Francisco


Maternal Fetal Medicine

2001 UCLA Minority Scientist Development Research Program Scholar
2001 & 2002 Hispanic Scholarship Fund - Scholarship Award Winner
2002 Cornell University Howard Hughes Research Scholar
2000-2003 Cornell University College of Arts & Sciences Dean's List
2006-2007 Stanford University Medical Scholars Research Grant: "The Effect of Gastric Bypass Surgery on Cognition"
2009 Stanford University Latino Medicine Student Association (LMSA) "Excellence in Service" Award
2014 UCSF "Outstanding Resident Teaching" Award for Exceptional Achievements in Resident Education
2015 Pacific Coast Obstetrical & Gynecological Society Ted Adams Scholarship Award Winner, Poster Presentation at the 82nd Annual Meeting
2015 UCSF "Outstanding Resident Teaching" Award for Exceptional Achievements in Resident Education


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