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Advancing Women's Health Research

Our department has a multidimensional and interrelating program that supports research in Women's Health through first-rate basic science, public policy, clinical research, and translational research.

ANSIRH  Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health

Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) is a collaborative research group and "think tank" at the University of California, San Francisco. Our mission is to ensure that reproductive health care and policy are grounded in evidence through multi-disciplinary research, training and advocacy. ANSIRH's multi-disciplinary team includes clinicians, researchers and scholars in the fields of demography, sociology, anthropology, nursing, psychology, public health, economics, medicine and law. ANSIRH is a program of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health.

Mom-with-baby  Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health

The UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health was formed in 1999 to address the health, social, and economic consequences of sex and reproduction through research and training in contraception, family planning, and STIs. The Bixby Center strives to develop preventive solutions to the most pressing domestic and international reproductive health problems. The program aims to advance new reproductive health technologies to provide additional choices in contraception, abortion, maternal health and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention for diverse populations.

Fibroid  Comprehensive Fibroid Center

The UCSF Comprehensive Fibroid Center is devoted to serving the specific needs of women with uterine fibroids. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for each woman by focusing on her symptoms and personal preferences.

Egg  Center for Reproductive Health

This Center initiated the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) program in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a leader in the field with consistently high pregnancy rates. At the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health, part of caring for our patients with the latest treatments and technologies is conducting the research that leads to new treatments. We study many different aspects of reproductive health, including fertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, genetics, hormonal imbalances and the transition into menopause. Our patients make this possible by volunteering to participate in clinical research projects.

Scope  Center for Reproductive Sciences

The Center for Reproductive Sciences (CRS) is an Organized Research Unit of the University of California at San Francisco, founded in 1977. The Center brings together a multidisciplinary group of basic researchers and physician scientists who have joined forces to coordinate basic and translational research in reproductive physiology and pathophysiology. Currently, 23 basic researchers and 6 physician scientists are affiliated with the Center. The faculty utilizes state of the art techniques to promote our knowledge of reproductive processes and to improve our understanding and, ultimately, the treatment of reproductive disorders. The center mission is to promote high quality, cutting edge research in the field of reproductive sciences, to facilitate the transfer of concepts developed in the laboratory to clinical applications and to provide an integrated and multidisciplinary training program for future leaders in the field of reproductive sciences.

PRHE  Program for Reproductive Health and the Environment

PRHE is pioneering a new, transdisciplinary model in environmental reproductive health care, research, training, and policy. PRHE integrates basic and epidemiological research; translation into clinical care and policy analysis and solutions; and health professional and public education. PRHE's vision is to safeguard healthy conceptions, pregnancies, children and adults by eliminating the impacts of environmental contaminants on reproductive and developmental health. PRHE is meeting its mission by advancing scientific inquiry, professional training, consumer and citizen education, and policy that reduce the impacts of environmental contaminants on reproductive and developmental health.

WCC  Women's Continence Center

The Center conducts a variety of research studies designed to further understand the causes, diagnosis, and treatments of urinary incontinence in women from basic science to clinical trials. In 2003 the UCSF Women's Continence Center was recognized by the National Association for Continence (NAFC) as a Continence Care Champion, the first such award bestowed upon an outstanding clinic or institution. UCSF Specialized Center of Research (SCOR), under the direction of Dr. Jeanette Brown, is one of only 10 funded centers in the U.S. supported by the National Institutes of Health and Office of Research on Women's Health. The focus of the UCSF SCOR is on urinary incontinence and lower urinary tract function in women.

whcrc  Women's Health Clinical Research Center

This Center is the clinical research arm of the National Center of Excellence in Women's Health. The WHCRC is home to multiple research groups that include a focus on assisted reproductive technology, breast cancer screening, breast cancer prevention, cognitive decline and dementia, HIV in women, menopausal symptom treatment, osteoporosis, postmenopausal hormone therapy, sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and polycystic ovarian disease. The Center provides infrastructure for these research groups including research staff, study coordinators, programmers, biostatisticians and robust electronic data collection that is FDA-approved.

Bixby   Women's Health and Empowerment Center of Expertise

The University of California has launched a UC Global Health Institute (UCGHI) to leverage the vast academic resources across the University to train future leaders in global health and, through research and service, to address the health needs of the world's most vulnerable populations. This groundbreaking program will span UC's 10 campuses and partner institutions in emerging regions and will be enabled by the innovative use of information technology to connect faculty, researchers, students and partners around the world.

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