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Amy Murtha, MD

Amy Murtha, MD

Message from the Chair

April 2021

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences is committed to providing patient-centered, data-driven care to our patients regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or gender affirmation. Our commitment is rooted in our strong foundation in education, research and clinical care that works to reduce or eliminate barriers that have prevented some groups from receiving equitable care, inclusive training or unbiased discovery.

The challenges of this past year have intensified our commitments and focused our attention. As a department, we led initiatives aimed at leveraging the voices of those disadvantaged by structures that have compromised health, training and education and career opportunities

During COVID-19 we created clinical protocols to best care for our patient population and shared them broadly with our colleagues across the country. We adjusted our schedules to prepare for a surge and worked together every day to keep our patients and each other safe. We mobilized to launch national registries and research on the impact of COVID-19 throughout pregnancy. Recognizing the need to support our patients who were fearful but in need of care, we launched the UCSF Women’s Health Webinar Series that now has over 4,000 participants attending live and recorded sessions.

I am proud of the care we deliver, the future leaders we’re developing, the innovative discoveries we’re uncovering, and the conversations we are leading. I have the deepest gratitude for the members of this Department. They have risen to the challenges of this year and have truly embodied our mission by leading the way.

Amy Murtha
Professor & Chair