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Nurse Midwifery at SFGH

What is a Nurse Midwife?

A Nurse-Midwife is a nurse who has received two extra years of training (a Master's degree) specializing in many aspects of women's health care. Midwives are specialists in the normal processes of pregnancy and childbirth. Midwives are trained to work closely with obstetricians when complications arise.

Beliefs of Midwifery

  • We see pregnancy and birth as normal stages of a woman's life, and believe in using medical intervention in these processes only when necessary.
  • We believe that women are best served when they are active partners in their healthcare, and that each woman has a right to determine what's best for her.
  • We value diversity and respect women's life experiences.
  • We believe in using the best available scientific evidence to help women make choices.
  • We use and respect alternative (non-medical) therapies and treatments.
  • We value clear and respectful communication.
  • We believe that caring relationships have a positive impact on health.

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