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UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences Strategic Plan Overview

Our Mission

To improve the lives and health of all women through excellence, innovation and leadership in:
  • Patient Care
  • Scientific Discovery
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Six Strategic Priorities

The goals that drive our strategic planning process:
  • Shared departmental identity
  • Foster an environment in which all thrive
  • Sustainable financial model
  • Innovative and sustainable education model
  • Become the destinations of choice for clinical services
  • Comprehensive research enterprise

Current Initiatives

Now in our fourth year of a five year plan, our Strategic Plan committees – each represent a Strategic Priority – continue the collaborative process, this year extending into areas such as staff engagement, staff appreciation and recruitment. They will also be able to share staff and budgetary resources. These are some of our initiatives:

  • New staff appreciation initiatives
  • New departmental website launched summer 2015
  • Enhancements to Service Recovery Kit
  • Hold Unconscious Bias Workshops
  • Combined All-Hands, Staff Appreciation event, August 2015
  • Hold residency support events
  • Finalize education component of appointment letters
  • Develop faculty incentives, faculty development seminars/workshops around education component
  • Dashboard development for education
  • Supervisor Rounding seminar/panel
  • Grand Rounds speakers on Diversity, Education, and Engagement
  • Retreats

Promoting Our Vision of Excellence

Our mission is to improve the lives and health of all women through excellence, innovation and leadership in patient care, scientific discovery, education, and advocacy. We accomplish this by supporting the programmatic initiatives of our faculty and staff in the areas of patient care, education, and research. We are committed to providing quality health care services to all women; educating health care providers and investigators; and conducting research to advance knowledge in our field. We promote our vision to advance and transform obstetrics, gynecology and the reproductive sciences through innovation and discovery.

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