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CenteringPregnancy at SFGH


What is CenteringPregnancy?

Here's what some women who've done CenteringPregnancy with the Nurse-Midwives of ZSFG have to say about their experiences:

  • CenteringPregnancy is prenatal care—medical care for women who are pregnant—that is done in a group setting instead of in the traditional 1:1 visit.
  • For each prenatal visit you meet with the same group of women, all with a similar due date. Partners and support people are invited to participate as well.
  • Each session is 2 hours long and includes time for the midwife to examine you and your baby.
  • Topics covered in the sessions include getting ready for labor and childbirth, parenting, healthy relationships, pregnancy aches and pains, birth control - and any other topic that's important to the group!
  • The part that was really good (about Centering) that I got my chart. I got to look at my chart, I got to take my own blood pressure...I felt like I had a say so. Nothing was kept...from me, I was free to ask questions, and they really empower you to take an active role in your own pregnancy.
  • Centering gives you enough ask all the questions that you want, to develop a relationship with your midwife, to develop friendships and a support network with the other women who are in the group.
  • I feel like I was much better...prepared for labor and delivery after going through Centering.
  • For me, it was a melting pot of all different types of people and I was able to connect with other women...and partners as well.
  • Centering is a community where you are able to learn from other people, a place where you can to develop skills, and learn things that you might not know about yourself.
  • CenteringPregnancy gave me confidence; it made me believe in myself. I felt that I could be a mom after this.

Where Centering Happens

If you plan to get your prenatal care through the Obstetrics, Midwifery, and Gynecology Clinic (5M), your Centering groups will take place at a community agency near the hospital. This agency has many services for pregnant women and their families, like yoga, childbirth classes, bellycasting, acupuncture, massage, and help with housing and other social services. Centering groups are available in both English and Spanish. Call (628) 206-3409 for an appointment at the Obstetrics, Midwifery, and Gynecology Clinic (5M), and ask for Centering.

If you plan to get your prenatal care at the Mission Neighborhood Health Center, your Centering groups will take place on-site at the clinic, with all other services of the clinic in the same building. Centering at Mission Neighborhood Health Center is available only in Spanish. Call (415) 522-3870 for an appointment at the Mission Neighborhood Health Center, and ask for Centering.