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2011 URI Program Update

The University of California at San Francisco with Kaiser Permanente, Northern California are supporting summer research internships in the areas of women’s health, pediatrics, and internal medicine (URI). Now in its third year, these internships are available to undergraduate students enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley who are planning to attend medical school after graduation, and who have an interest in women’s health, pediatrics, or primary care. Students have to be enrolled in the fall of 2011 at UC Berkeley as an undergraduate.

The research internships are 9 weeks in length (June 1–July 29, 2011) and will be based with a research faculty member in the departments of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Medicine, or Pediatrics with clinical shadowing at UCSF and Kaiser Oakland and 1/2 day of didactics. A stipend ($2,500) is provided. This year the URI program welcomes its first male participants.

2011 URI Cohort

20111 URI Cohort Group Photo.

2011 Research Symposium

The 2011 URI interns were mentored by a diverse group of researchers. This year, our URI interns presented on the following topics at our annual Research Symposium.

  • Erika Azpeitia and Priscila Valdez | Informed Choice, Informed Decision (Miriam Kuppermann, PhD, MPH).
  • Victor Hoang | Serum MicroRNA in Screening for Ovarian Cancer (John Chan, MD).
  • Eduardo Joya | Kinetics of Synaptonemal Complex Disassembly During Meiosis in Yeast (Jennifer Fung, PhD).
  • Jessica Dominguez | Fructose Consumption During Pregnancy and Its Effects on Neonatal Adiposity (Naomi Stotland, MD).
  • Kathrin Zimmerman | Advancing Health Worldwide by Training Medicine’s Future Leaders: A Pilot Study of the UCSF Pathways to Discovery Innovation Career Scale (Louise Aronson, MD).
  • Margaret Aregbe | Is There a Drought in the Classroom: Language Regarding Drinking Water Provision in California School District Wellness Policies (Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH).
  • Marisela Cardenas | Autism: A Developmental Disorder with Many Faces (Lisa Croen, PhD).
  • Miaka McClenahan | How Do Neurosteroids Work? Identifying Alternative Receptors for the Neurosteroid Allopregnanolone (Sindy Mellon, PhD).
  • Nadia Faiq | Developing a Research Ethics Curriculum for Vietnam: A Stepwise Model for Capacity Building in Settings with Limited Research Experience (Colin Partridge, MD).
  • Ricardo Roque | The Role of Biotechnology in the Study of Endometrial Diseases (Linda C. Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc).
  • Shannon Chan | Systematic Review on Infant Health Outcomes of Exclusive and Almost Exclusive Breastfeeding (Valerie Flaherman, MD, MPH).
  • Vanessa Madrigal | Internet Interventions: An International Smoking Cessation Guide and Approaches Toward Increasing Abstinence Rates (Eliseo Perez-Stable, MD).
  • Deepika Kumar | Using Confocal Microscopy to Study Whole Mount Adult Mouse Ovaries (Diana Laird, PhD).
  • Victoria Garica | Chemical Exposures During Critical Periods of Fetal Development (Tracey Woodruff, PhD).
  • Yesenia Ortega-Torres | Examining Women's Experiences with Abortion and Contraception (Tracy Weitz, PhD).