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Medical Student Research

Our Department has a diverse portfolio of research activities in women's health that spans the spectrum from basic biological, translational and clinical investigation to epidemiological inquiry and the development of public health policy. The spirit of cooperation and innovation, coupled with an unswerving standard of excellence, has been conducive to the development of the Department as one of the preeminent academic research institutions for women's health and disease.

UCSF students are encouraged to look for research opportunities on Labspot, and review the list of current opportunities below. If you do not find a project there, please email i[email protected]

We are no longer able to offer research opportunities to visiting students, but we encourage learners to apply for paid research coordinator positions via the UCSF HR jobs site.

 If you are interested in any of the research opportunities listed below, please reach out to the person listed under "Contact" directly.





Abortion and Contraception Research

Research to improve medication and aspiration abortion technologies, access, and abortion care.

Contraception research on contraceptive methods, use and satisfaction.

Jennifer Kerns, MD MPH

Bixby Center

Person-Centered Reproductive Health Program (PCRHP)

Person Centered Reproductive Health is dedicated to the idea that people should be at the heart of all family planning efforts. Through listening, practitioners can best meet their reproductive needs and ensure their reproductive autonomy.

Christine Dehlendorf, MD MAS

Bixby Center/ OAKLAND

Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH)

Conducts innovative, rigorous, multidisciplinary research on complex issues related to people’s sexual and reproductive lives, to advance evidence-based policy, practice, and public discourse.

Diana Greene Foster, PhD

Bixby Center

Beyond the Pill

Improves access to effective contraception through research, provider training, and patient education tools.

Clinic Team Training.

Cynthia Harper, PhD

Bixby Center

Education Research

Research to improve training of physicians and nurses in sexual and reproductive health, structural determinants of health and trauma informed care.

Aliza Adler

Bixby Center

Maternal Mortality Reduction, HIV/ STI Research


Kirsten Thompson

Bixby Center

Endometrium Human endometrial function and regeneration, genetics and epigenetics of endometriosis, placental-uterine interactions relevant to pregnancy outcomes, and evaluating the evidence of environmental impacts on reproductive health and human development. Linda Giudice, MD, PhD --
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Effects on Human Neuronal Development During human pregnancy, the embryo/fetus is exposed to thousands of unique environmental chemicals with unknown consequences. My research aims to determine the potential effects of these compounds and to identify the mechanistic links between environmental exposures in utero and adverse developmental outcomes (e.g., neuro-developmental disorders, neural tube defects, placental diseases). Joshua Robinson, PhD --
Prenatal Genetic Testing Study to assess whether there are disparities in the offer chromsomal microarray (a genetic test that has a higher yield than traditional karyotype, and is recommended to be offered to all women undergoing prenatal genetic diagnostic procedures) at the time of prenatal genetic diagnostic procedure (i.e. amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling). We hypothesize that women with limited English proficiency will be offered microarray at lower rates that English proficient patients. Katherine Swanson, MD --
Repro-Endo Infertility Various REI projects are available.  Contact to discuss current opportunities and your interests. Eduardo Hariton, MD, MBA, Jerrine Morris, MD, MPH