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2022 and 2023 Faculty and Resident Teaching Awards


Three cheers for our 2022 and 2023 Teaching Award Recipients!

Teaching Awards are determined by MS3 and MS4 student evaluations acquired while on clerkship, electives or Sub-Internships. Highlighted by our learners via these evaluations is a faculty’s willingness to engage the learner in a respectful way, encouraging an interactive dialogue and proactively identify teachable moments.

In this sense, these faculty are honored by encouraging critical thinking and providing time for meaningful feedback to be had.

Additionally, too, learners observe how our faculty communicate respectfully with and about patients from different backgrounds and advocate on their behalf.

We have one of the largest pools of recipients announced (spanning calendar years 2022 and 2023 below):



Edwin Alvarez Rebecca Amirault Katie Brown Stephanie Cham Jocelyn Chapman Lee-may Chen Naghma Farooqi Neda Ghaffari      
Juan Gonzalez Jo Gras Tushani Illangasekare Roxana Irani Tracy Ito Alison Jacoby Jeannette Lager Robyn Lamar Gaetan Pettigrew
Analisa Post Tami Rowen Melissa Rosenstein Nicolas Rubashkin Abigail Slatkin-Margolis Alison Starling Camila Soto Espinoza Vickie Tatsis Vanessa Tilp    
Laura Weil Sara Whetstone Tricia Wright Mayra Zlatnik              


Stephanie Cham           Naghma Farooqi                 Vanessa Tilp

High Impact Award

Naghma Farooqi          Camila Soto Espinoza          Lee-may Chen        Tami Rowen        Misa Perron-Burdick        Roxana Irani        Robyn Lamar        Jeannette Lager                Vanessa Tilp                Tricia Wright



Eleanor Drey                            Karen Meckstroth (2022/2023)           Biftu Mengesha (2022/2023)

Sara Newmann (2022/2023)    Misa Perron-Burdick                           George Sawaya (2022/2023)

Jody Steinauer                         Josephine Urbina                                 Dilys Walker

Rebecca Jackson (2022/2023)      Vanessa Jacoby                               Naomi Stotland

Jen Kerns                                      Ben Li                                             Malini Nijagal


Rebecca Jackson           Naomi Stotland

High Impact Award (Faculty)

Malini Nijagal               Ben Li           Vanessa Jacoby           Naomi Stotland           Rebecca Jackson             Eleanor Drey

Multi Year Award Dedicated to Medical Student Teaching

Abner Korn

Residents were honored at the GME Graduation celebration in June, the 2023 recipients of teaching awards (based upon the same criteria as faculty) are as follows:

2023 R4 Aileen Portugal

R3 Leah Wormack

R2 Mariela Nevarez

R1 Katherine Brito, Distinction in Medical Education

Additionally, 2022 recipients were as follows (honored in June 2022):

2022 R4 Iman Berrahou

R3 Iris Jovel

R2 Alison Merz

R1 Christian Freeman, Distinction in Medical Education

Congratulations to all!

Preparing for a Post-Roe America


UCSF OBGYN Medical Education Ranked #1 via US News and World Report

Congrats to our Matched Students



Meet our MedEd Team      

The Medical Education Team administers all OBGYN curriculum for students in the UCSF MD program.  This includes the required courses in F1 and F2, as well as over 10 electives spanning 1st-4th year.  In addition, we administer the Undergraduate Research Internship, a summer internship program for underrepresented minority pre-med students at UC Berkeley.

Faculty Team

Jeannette Lager, MD, MPH
Medical Student Education Director

Naomi Stotland, MD
Medical Student Education Co-Director

Naghma Farooqi, MD
Medical Student Simulated Education
UCSF Mission Bay Clerkship Site Director

Vanessa Tilp, CNM
Medical Student Simulated Education
UCSF Mission Bay Clerkship Site Director

Gaetan Pettigrew, MD
Gender and Sexual Minority Curriculum Director

Kathleen Brown, MD
Anti-Racism Curriculum Director


Staff Team


Amariah (Jacalyn) Flagg
Medical Student Program Coordinator, URI, F1

Kristin Olson
Medical Student Program Manager, Match, F2 Electives

Stephanie “Steph” Tillery
Medical Student Program Coordinator, Traditional Clerkship, LIC's, F2


Contacts and Resources

Jeannette Lager, MD, MPH

Professor & Director of Medical Student Education

490 Illinois Street, 10th Floor
Box 0132
San Francisco, CA 94143

[email protected]

Naomi Stotland

Naomi Stotland, MD

Professor & Associate Director of Medical Student Education

490 Illinois Street, 10th Floor
Box 0132
San Francisco, CA 94143

[email protected]


Medical Education Team
[email protected]