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Career Development and Mentoring

OBGYN Medical Education Career Advising and Mentoring

Career Advising Series

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences offers several career advising sessions a year designed to give students the opportunity to ask questions of faculty members and physicians practicing in a variety of settings and sub-specialties. Also available are the ObGyn Interest Group (OGIG) and mentoring opportunities with faculty members or residents. In addition, we host an Annual Career Event and a Spring Match Panel to offer information about the residency matching process and to give students the opportunity to ask graduating students questions about their experiences.

May 2022- Match Celebration and Panel Discussion  Celebrate with the Matching Students!  Rising MS4s are invited to this session to do a Q&A with the students who have Matched into OBGYN.  MS1's and MS2's are welcome to attend for the first hour of the panel for inquiry about the field. Next scheduled: May 2023.

June-August 2022 - Residency Application Meetings.  Matching students meet with the education directors, a designated advising "pod" made up of faculty and residents and Chair of the OBGYN Department for advice on application materials, personal statements, letters of recommendation and targeted programs.  Scheduled by invitation.  If planning to match in OBGYN, contact Kristin Olson, [email protected].

October 18, 2022- Rising MS4 Scheduling Advising Session, administered by the School with OBGYN faculty directors and administration in attendance.  All students interested in OBGYN are invited to this session to plan for electives, Sub-I's, gap year possibility and research.  Explanation of the Match 2024 process.

November 1, 2022- OBGYN Career Event.  All students, all years interested in OBGYN, including visiting Sub-Is, are invited to this advising session to meet with groups of OBGYN Faculty, Fellows and Residents for advice in pursuing the profession.  Please RSVP by writing [email protected] or complete the form sent by the School of Medicine.

December 13, 2022- MS1 OBGYN Career interest meeting, administered by the School with OBGYN faculty directors and administration in attendance.  Session is for early start to OBGYN career interest including research, shadowing, and OGIG leadership.

January 2023 - Deep Explore Event for Research and OBGYN departmental research opportunity showcase



For more information, please contact the Medical Education Team Manager,  [email protected]