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2019 URI Program Update

During Summer 2019, URI graduated its 11th cohort of UC Berkeley undergraduate students.

Photos of the 2019 URI Intern Cohort

The URI 2019 Cohort during their summer research internship activities

Research Symposium

The 2019 URI interns were mentored by a diverse group of researchers. This year, our URI interns presented on the following topics at our annual Research Symposium.

  • Songnhi Tran | Preventing Infant Malnutrition with Early Supplementation (Valerie Flaherman, MD)
  • Angela Balolong | Effect of epinephrine on LPS-induced microvascular endothelial permeability (Judith Hellman, MD)
  • Megan Chidboy | Characterization of Fc gamma receptors: IgG, how does it get from mom to baby? (Stephanie Gaw, MD, PhD)
  • Cindy Tenorio | Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (Erin DeMicco, MPH, CCRC)
  • Esperanza Magallanes | E-learning Tool on Birth Control for Community College Students (Cynthia C. Harper, PhD)
  • Estephannie Alvarez |Genetic Association Analysis of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Outcomes (Helen Kim, MPH, PhD)
  • David Aka | Imaging post-treatment changes in pediatric pontine glioma (Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD)
  • Amy Villanueva | Investigating the Origin of Fragile X Syndrome (Diana Laird, PhD)
  • Daniel Aka | NIRSIT - Near Infrared Spectroscopy (Art Wallace, MD, PhD)
  • Adesuwa Osunde | Development of a patient-centered decision-support tool prototype regarding elective induction of labor at 39 weeks gestation (Miriam Kuppermann, PhD, MPH)
  • Michelle Yang | Veterans Affairs Clinical Transcripts Project: Social Risk Targeted and Informed Care (Laura Gottlieb, MD)
  • Justin Wing | Thiabendazole Inhibition of Meiosis (Jennifer Fung, PhD)
  • Eyiwunmi Laseinde | Research on Expecting Moms and Sleep Therapy (Jennifer Felder, PhD)
  • Alexa Duarte | Analyzing Glioblastomas Through UCSF500 Panel (Aaron Diaz, PhD)
  • Reanna Norman | Maternal Death Surveillance and Response: Malawi (Dilys Walker, MD)
  • Daniel Casillas | In Vitro Fertilization, the Immune System, and Allergies (Paolo Rinaudo, MD, PhD)