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2021 URI Program Update

During Summer 2021, URI graduated its 11th cohort of UC Berkeley undergraduate students.

Research Symposium

The 2021 URI interns were mentored by a diverse group of researchers. This year, our URI interns presented on the following topics at our annual Research Symposium:

Jennifer Herrera | Implementation of an EHR-based Program for Clinical Research Recruitment

Mentor: Vanessa Jacoby, MD, MAS

Astrid Quirarte | Telehealth Knowledge on Contraception Access in Young Adults

Mentor: Cynthia Harper, PhD

Sunita Bohara | COVID 19 Experience" & "The Brief Qualitative Analysis on HIV

Mentor: Carol Camlin, PhD, MPH & Monica Getahun, MPH

Zara Saif | How Provider Identity Affects Reporting Practices of Substance Use in Pregnant Women

Mentor: Sarah Roberts, MD, PhD

Ashlee Agundiz | A Conversation Regarding Diversity & Inclusion of Minority Patients in HHT Research

Mentor: Helen Kim, MPH, PhD

Daniel Correa Bucio | Progress and Advancement of Angiogenic Therapy on Human AVMs: A Systematic Literature Review.

Mentor: Helen Kim, MPH, PhD

Eniola Owoyele | Fidelity Monitoring of Introduction of Simulation with Novel Virtual Mentor in Madagascar

Mentor: Dilys Walker, MD

Carolina Arguelles | Identifying Opportunities for Prevention of Adverse Outcomes Following Female Genital Fistula Repair

Mentor: Alison El Ayadi, ScD, MPH

Haben Tijar | Racial Disparities in Detecting Jaundice

Mentor: Seth Bokser, MD

Racquel Richardson | Antidepressant Medication Patterns During Pregnancy and NICU Admission

Mentor: Sylvia Badon, PhD

Baraka Mahdi | Implications of the Transition to Telehealth at Federally Qualified Health Centers in Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mentor: Emilia de Marchis, MD & Laura Gottlieb, MD