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ObGyn Patient Services

OBGYN Clerkship Requirements


Find on OBGYN 110 Page on the CLE


  • SMART Goals
    • A learning goal for the clerkship that is “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound.

  • BBOTs
    • The Bridges Brief Observation Tool (BBOT) is used for a short observation of student performance in one of these areas:
      • Gathering history from a patient
      • Conducting physical examination
      • Delivering an oral presentation
      • Writing a note for chart
      • Communication with a patient or family
      • Other (write in)
  • Required Core Competencies
    • Complete a minimum of 1 speculum examination, directly observed
    • Assist in a minimum of 1 c-section
    • Participate in a minimum of 1 vaginal delivery
    • Demonstrate mastery of two-handed surgical knot
    • Participate in the care of 1 patient during the course of labor
    • Participate in the care of 1 patient presenting with pelvic pain
    • Participate in the care of 1 patient presenting with abnormal vaginal bleeding
    • Participate in the care of 1 patient seeking contraceptive counseling
  • Professionalism Reflection Essay
    • Write about a clinical situation during this rotation in obstetrics and gynecology that challenged or affirmed your professionalism, i.e. what it means to be professional in a patient-centered medical center.
  • Assessments
    • Clinical evaluations in patient care, medical knowledge, communication and professionalism
    • NBME Subject Area Exam