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OBGYN F1 Electives

170.03 Family Planning and Reproductive Choices Winter
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170.04 Ob-Gyn: Introduction to Procedures and Surgical Skills Fall

170.08 Health, Policing, and Incarceration Fall

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170.13 Introduction to High Value Care Winter


Instructions for Student Directors:

  • Four to Six months prior to start of elective:
  1. Contact David Rachleff in curricular affairs and cc [email protected], informing us that you will be the student coordinator(s) of the course.
  2. Contact faculty advisor and former coordinators
  3. Day/Dates/Times and Classrooms: Fill out the Start Date/End Date and Student Contact Information on the Electives Datasheet.
  4. Room Reservations: By default, the Medical Education team will reserve the same rooms (if available) as were reserved previously. Let us know if you plan to change dates/rooms ASAP so that we can adjust your room reservations. Also, let us know if we should include Lecture Capture on the room reservation form. We need to cancel any dates you will NOT be using (at least 3 days in advance) or we will be charged $135 per room reservation that is not used.
  5. Schedule lectures and create syllabus. Faculty need to be asked about 4-6 months in advance for their lecture date because they block out their patient schedules about 4-6 months ahead of time.
  • About one month before the course starts, provide the following information to Medical Student Program Team, [email protected]
    • Completed syllabus
    • List of anticipated expenses. Usually copies, equipment, parking passes, and one lunch.
    • Request an appointment (phone or otherwise) at [email protected] to review expense and attendance policies.
  • Advertise your course: in addition to the course catalog you can make fliers, send an email to student list serves. Be sure to send David Rachleff an email asking him to post your course on the student web portal calendar. Please see below for contacts at other schools.
  • Two weeks before each lecture, send a reminder email to the lecturer. Send another reminder email to the lecturer one week before the lecture.
  • During the course, keep attendance weekly using your designated attendance sheet (see above).
  • During the course, act as host to lecturers, thank them, help with setting up laptop or Zoom, give them parking stickers.
  • Distribute and communicate the following to the enrolled students:
    • Syllabus or course description
    • Grading and Attendance policy information
    • Remind course director to send you the course roster list from the “UCSF Grade Reporting” site. Check attendance record and warn students if they need to add.
    • Remind students they are responsible for adding or dropping the course.
    • Warn students if they have not attended enough sessions to receive credit. They must attend 8 sessions.

At the end of course, follow up on makeup assignments and give completed list to faculty advisor for approval, and once approved, notify [email protected]

At the end of course, recruit your replacement coordinators and send their names to [email protected].

Note for Surgical Skills Elective: You are allowed to recruit MS4 Life Stages teaching assistants to teach Pelvic Exam and Vaginal Delivery simulations (if faculty are not available to teach).

Grading and Attendance: Grading is on a pass/fail basis (or the equivalent in Nursing & Dentistry). Attendance is the only SOM requirement. Each course must offer 10 hours of lecture for 1 unit of credit. However, we recommend that you offer 11 lectures in case one lecturer needs to cancel. That way you will not be scrambling to fit in another lecture. Students must attend 8 hours of every 10-11 hours of lecture offered and complete any other requirements (field trips, etc) in order to Pass the course. If a student misses more lectures than allowed, the student must complete make up work in the form of a short paper or presentation to be assigned by the student coordinators and approved by the course faculty advisor.

Attendance Tracking:

The course student coordinators will receive a Google Sheet attendance tracking document. Student coordinators are responsible for adding the student names to the attendance sheet and making sure that attendance is updated weekly. It is very important that you sort the students’ names on the list alphabetically. Your course faculty advisor can check your course roster online at

At the end of the rotation please use the tracking worksheet to provide a complete list of make-up work assigned, completed, and approved by the course faculty advisor. The faculty advisor is then responsible for submitting the grades online with the registrar’s office.

Parking stickers for lecturers: We provide parking stickers for lecturers. Please email [email protected] at least one week before you need a parking sticker and provide the date of lecture and lecturer’s name. You can come to Mission Bay to pick up the parking stickers from the Med Ed team, by appointment.

Lunch and other expenses: Do NOT pay for anything yourself. We will NOT be able to reimburse you. Ask the med ed team to make purchases for you with the dept account. This saves money and time for you, the med ed team, and the finance staff.

To advertise your course to other schools:

Send your announcement to the following and be sure to let them know who the message should be sent to (i.e. first and second year students or all students)

School of Nursing:

*You must complete the form on this website to advertise electives to nursing students. Flyers can be attached on this form.

School of Dentistry Student List Serve: email [email protected] or contact their Educational Services office, 415-476-1101.

*They also accept course flyers. Email is preferred but calling with questions is okay too.

School of Pharmacy Student List Serve: email [email protected] or contact their Curricular Affairs office, 415-502-5373.

*They also accept course flyers. Email is preferred but calling with questions is okay too.