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Past URI Projects

Thank you for your interest in the Undergraduate Research Internship. We will be offering both the Research and Leadership Didactic Series for Summer 2022.  Please see information and applications for both programs below.  DUE DATE for both programs is Sunday, January 9, 2022 by 5pm PST

URI - 2021

Jennifer Herrera | Implementation of an EHR-based Program for Clinical Research Recruitment

Mentor: Vanessa Jacoby, MD, MSc

Astrid Quirarte | Telehealth Knowledge on Contraception Access in Young Adults

Mentor: Cynthia Harper, PhD

Sunita Bohara | COVID 19 Experience" & "The Brief Qualitative Analysis on HIV

Mentor: Carol Camlin PhD & Monica Getahun PhD

Zara Saif | How Provider Identity Affects Reporting Practices of Substance Use in Pregnant Women

Mentor: Sarah Roberts, PhD

Ashlee Agundiz | A Conversation Regarding Diversity & Inclusion of Minority Patients in HHT Research

Mentor: Helen Kim, MPH, PhD

Daniel Correa Bucio | Progress and Advancement of Angiogenic Therapy on Human AVMs: A Systematic Literature Review.

Mentor: Helen Kim, MPH, PhD

Eniola Owoyele | Fidelity Monitoring of Introduction of Simulation with Novel Virtual Mentor in Madagascar

Mentor: Dilys Walker, MD

Carolina Arguelles | Identifying Opportunities for Prevention of Adverse Outcomes Following Female Genital Fistula Repair

Mentor: Alison El Ayadi, ScD, MPH

Haben Tijar | Racial Disparities in Detecting Jaundice

Mentor: Seth Bokser, MD

Racquel Richardson | Antidepressant Medication Patterns During Pregnancy and NICU Admission

Mentor: Sylvia Badon, PhD

Baraka Mahdi | Implications of the Transition to Telehealth at Federally Qualified Health Centers in Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mentor: Emilia de Marchis, MD. & Laura Gottlieb, MD.

URI - 2019

Songnhi Tran | Preventing Infant Malnutrition with Early Supplementation

Mentor: Valerie Flaherman, MD, MPH, MD

Angela Balolong | Effect of epinephrine on LPS-induced microvascular endothelial permeability

Mentor: Judith Hellman, MD & Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS , MD, MAS

Megan Chidboy | Characterization of Fc gamma receptors: IgG, how does it get from mom to baby?

Mentor: Stephanie Gaw, MD, PhD

Cindy Tenorio | Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcome

Mentor: Erin DeMicco, MPH, CCRC , MPH, CCRC & Aileen Andrade

Esperanza Magallanes | E-learning Tool on Birth Control for Community College Students

Mentor: Cynthia C. Harper, PhD

Estephannie Alvarez | Genetic Association Analysis of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Outcomes

Mentor: Helen Kim, MPH, PhD, MPH, PhD

David Aka | Imaging post-treatment changes in pediatric pontine glioma

Mentor: Tracy Luks, PhD

Amy Villanueva | Investigating the Origin of Fragile X Syndrome

Mentor: Suping Peng, PhD

David Aka | NIRSIT - Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Mentor: Anusha Badathala, MBBS

Adesuwa Osunde | Development of a patient-centered decision-support tool prototype regarding elective induction of labor at 39 weeks gestation

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPHn & Natalie Oman, MPH

Michelle Yang | Veterans Affairs Clinical Transcripts Project: Social Risk Targeted and Informed Care

Mentor: Holly Wing, MA

Justin Wing | ThiabendazoleInhibition of Meiosis

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD, PhD

Eyiwunmi Laseinde | Research on Expecting Moms and Sleep Therapy

Mentor: Jennifer Felder, PhD

Alexa Duarte | Analyzing Glioblastomas Through UCSF500 Panel

Mentor: Aaron Diaz, PhD

Reanna Norman| Maternal Death Surveillance and Response: Malawi

Mentor: Elizabeth Butrick, MDW, MPH

Daniel Casillas | In Vitro Fertilization, the Immune System, and Allergies

Mentor: Paolo Rinaudo, MD, PhD

URI - 2018

Betty Birbo | Patient-Centered Educational and Decision Support Tools

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPHn, PhD, MPH

Natalie Aceves | Investigating RiskFactors that are Associated with Parent-ChildConflict in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Mentor: Megie Okumura, MD, MAS

Nina Nguyen | The Role of ERK 1/2 in Inflammatory Critical Illness

Mentor: Judith Hellman, MD

Alexander Felix | Perfusion Imaging of Brain Metastasis after Stereotactic Radiosurger

Mentor: Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD

Nhi Chu | Research on Expecting Moms and Sleep Therapy (REST)

Mentor: Jennifer Felder, PhD

Antonio Avalos-Perez | Role of Terlomerasein Promoting Homolog Fidelity via Telomere-led Chromosome Movement during Mecosis

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD

Crystal Rubalcava | A Scoping Review to Understand the Impact on Healthcare Providers of Addressing Patient Social and Economic Needs in Clinical Care

Mentor: Laura Gottlieb, MD

Yessenia Hernandez-Cruz | Nonimmune Fetal Hydrops

Mentor: Mary Norton, MD, MD

Julie Ho | Can zipcode predict hypertension control at a student free clinic?

Mentor: Manuel Tapia, MD, MPH, MD, MPH

Maite Garcia | Navigating Error Disclosure Methods Through Health Professional School Curricula

Mentor: Amin Azzam, MD, MA

Rafael Verduzco | Worldwide Intelligence Kept-on Internet (WIKI)

Mentor: Amin Azzam, MD, MA

Kristiana Jordan | How to make a good egg: translation termination is decoupled from maternal mRNA stability during oocyte maturation in mice

Mentor: Marco Conti, MD,

Alejandra Rivas | Environmental Influences on Children Health Outcomes

Mentor: Tracey Woodruff, PhD, MPH

Semira Sherief | Postpartum Maternity Readmissions Project

Mentor: Amanda Calhoun, MD

Maria Mendoza Del Toro | NIRSIT: Clinical Testing of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Quantitative Assessment of Depression

Mentor: Arthur Wallace, MD, PhD

Fernanda Aguila| Improving Teens' Access & Knowledge of Contraceptives

Mentor: Cynthia Harper, PhD

URI - 2017

Raul Ruiz Perez & Laura Rojas Miranda | NTSV C-Section Rates of Induced Patients

Mentor: Amanda Calhoun, MD

Hanh Do | Chromosomal Microarray in Prenatal Genetic Testing: Who is getting the offer?

Mentor: Mary Norton, MD

Shivany Condor Montes | Data Metrics to Improve Clinical Practice of Residents and Fellows

Mentor: Glenn Rosenbluth, MD

Audrey Koti | NIRSIT: Clinical Testing of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) for Quantitative Assessment of Depression

Mentor: Art Wallace, MD, MPH

Joselvin Galeas | Is the function of the RNA binding protein Dazl necessary for oocyte maturation?

Mentor: Marco Conti, MD

Conny Rios | Comparison of implantation sites in embryos generated in vivo or by in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Mentor: Annemarie Donjacour, PhD

Oluchi Okwu | The Impact of School Water Access and Promotion Intervention on Student’s Beverage Intake

Mentor: Aisha Patel, MD, MSPH

Seraina Aguilar | The Development of the Microbiome: A Study Conducted on Infants at UCSF

Mentor: Valerie Flaherman, MD, MPH

Jessica Flores | PROCEED Study: The way in which Latinas make a delivery choice

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPH

Cassandra Quijada | Are Neurosteroids ligands for the TGR5 receptor?

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD

Kristin Hildreth | Contraceptive Educational Intervention in Community Colleges

Mentor: Cynthia Harper, PhD

Luis Galvan | Critical Analysis of Chronic Care Management at ClinicaMartin-Baro

Mentor: Manuel Tapia, MD, MPH

Nancy Gutierrez | UCSF's Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment: Chemicals in Our Bodies

Mentor: Erin DeMicco, MPH, CCRC

Sanskriti Saxena | IGNITE-ing the Flame for IPE

Mentor: Amin Azzam, MD

Lule DeShields | How does doctor-patient communication affect medicine adherence for African Americans with Cardiovascular disease?

Mentor: Richard Grant, MD, MPH

URI - 2016

Elizabeth Gonzalez | Patient-centered Tools to Improve Shared Decision Making: PROCEED Study

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPH

Anthony Sanabria | Refining the Future Generations of Healthcare Professionals: Project IGNITE’s Unique Error Disclosure Curriculum

Mentor: Amin Azzam, MD, MA

Alexis Montoya | Allopregnanolone: The Mechanism

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD

Karla Luna Silva | New Public Health Threat: Zika Virus and Pregnancy

Mentor: Cynthia Harper, PhD

Jessica Relifornd | Cytochrome p450 activity in placenta, fetal liver and adult liver

Mentor: Joshua Robinson PhD, Susan Fisher PhD

Carlos Molina | The common Hispanic mutation and how it relates to cerebral cavernous malformations

Mentor: Helen Kim, MPH, PhD

Alondra Saenz-Alvarez | Validating a Photo Tool to Examine the Effectiveness of Water Access in Schools

Mentor: Sophie Morris and Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH

Luis Rivera | Exposure to Toxic Environmental Chemicals and Reproductive Outcomes

Mentor: Amy Padula, PhD

Cassandra Cu | Continuous Process Improvement: Making UCSF Better

Mentor: Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS and Christy Boscardin, PhD

Riya Desai | Improving Hospital Care for Breastfeeding Support in Indonesia

Mentor: Shannon Chan, MD & Valerie Flaherman, MD, MPH

Ana Gonzalez | Investigating Risk Factors that are associated with Diabetes Burnout

Mentor: Megie Okumura, MD, MAS

Roberto Mora | Molecular Phenotyping of a novel endometrial cell population expressing p63

Mentor: Linda Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc

Rabiya Subedar | Contraceptive Effects on the Immune Environment of the Female Reproductive Tract

Mentor Dr. Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS & Karen Smith-McCune, MD, PhD

Abigail Hulganga | Post-operative Delirium: Incidence Rates and Possible Treatment Options

Mentor: Jennifer Lucero & Arthur Wallace, MD, PhD

Alfredo Hernandez | Localization of M-Phase Promoting Factor Activity in Mammal Oocytes

Mentor: Marco Conti, MD

Nallely Montes | Disruption in meiotic division and telomere attachments

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD

URI - 2015

Zina Ogunnaya | The Experience of Waterbirth

Mentor: Jenna Shaw-Battista

Cristina Batarse | Chemicals in Our Bodies 2

Mentor: Trace Woodruff, PhD, MPH

Tram Huynh | Systematic Review of Preventive Therapy for Preschool Wheeze

Mentor: Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS

Oliver Guevarra | Restructuring the Bridges of Medical School Curriculum

Mentor: Amin Azzam, MD, MA

Carlos Martinez | Identifying Novel Mechanisms of Action of Allopregnanolone, A Neurosteroid

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD

Rahwa Hailemichael | Treatment Failure Following Myomectomy

Mentor: Vanessa Jacoby, MD, MSc

Maritza Cardenas | Molecular Phenotyping of a Novel Epithelial Cell Population Isolated from Human Endometrium

Mentor: Linda Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc

Katherine Chan | Descriptive Study of Infants Born at UCSF Medical Center: Focus on Breastfeeding

Mentor: Valerie Flaherman, MD, MPH

Miriam Juarez-Vargas | Evaluation of Health Coach Training and Implementation at Two Rural Primary Care Clinic

Mentor: David Thom DM, PhD, MPH

Alberto Romo | Measuring changes in knowledge of obstetric emergency care through simulation based trainings by PRONTO India

Mentor: Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS

Diego Dubon | Evaluating Medical Student Performance in Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Competency Domains: Analysis of numerical scores and comment word count

Mentor: Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS

Kaylynn Conant | Understanding Chromosome Movement During Meiosis

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD

Vin Lay | Sexual Orientation and Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Mental Health in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Mentor: Megumi J Okumura, MD, MAS

Jenny Pelagio Castillo | Mosaic Trisomy 16

Mentor: Mary Norton, MD

Julian Ponce | Teachers' beverage intake at schools –– Mentor: Amsie Hecht

Mentor: Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH

Jessica Arango | Prior Cesarean Decision (PROCEED) Study

Mentor- Mary Norton, MD

URI - 2014

Jockey Rojas | UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program: Developing Various Instructional Approaches in Medical Education

Mentor: Amin Azzam, MD, MA, MD

Maria Escudero-Fung | The Role of Mer3 Helicase During Meiosis

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD, PhD

Joanna Ruelas | Improving Contraception Counseling Through the Use of a Decision Support Tool

Mentor: Christine Dehlendorf, MD

Denisse Velazquez | Addressing High Rates of Unintended Pregnancy

Mentor: Cynthia Harper, PhD

Alexandra Hernandez | Placental Significance in Pregnancy

Mentor: Susan Fisher, PhD

Christine Board | Validity of EPAs as an Undergraduate Medical Education Assessment Method: A Summer Pilot Study

Mentor: Sandra K. Oza, MD, MA

Isabella Robles | Race, Ethnicity, and Social Problems—Determinants of Patient Health and Satisfaction

Mentor: Laura Gottlieb, MD

Christian Gonzalez | Cryopreservation of Endometrial Cells and The Human Endometrial Tissue Bank

Mentor: Linda C. Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc

Juan Cano | Attitude of Assisted Reproductive Technology in Latino Community

Mentor: Paolo Rinaudo MD, PhD

Ana Ibarra | Exploring Trust in the Context of Patient Decision Making: A Qualitative Data Review

Mentor: David Thom MD, PhD, MPH

Monica Banks | Improving Health Care Delivery for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Mentor: Megumi Okumura, MD, MAS

Gabrielle Shuman | Novel Regulation of Glucagon-like Peptide-1

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD, PhD

Yensy Zetino | Newborn Screening (NBS) Study

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPH

Miranda Gonzales | Healthy Beverages in Child Care

Mentor: Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH

Bianka Aguilar  | Signaling Pathways Involved in Oocyte Development

Mentor: Marco Conti, DM

Lisette Hamilton Women, Water, and the Womb: A Revival of Water Birth

Mentor: Jenna Shaw-Battista, RN, PhD, NP

URI - 2013

Justine Huynh Breast Pumping Experiences Among Mothers With Milk Supply Concern

Mentor: Valerie Flaherman, MD, MPH

Anahi Martinez | Spotlight on the Female Reproductive System: Investigations on the Molecular Basis of Endometrium Pathologies

Mentor: Linda Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc

Melanie Zamora A Randomized Trial: Coding Patient and Provider's Exposure to Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Methods.

Mentor: Cynthia Harper, PhD

Elizabeth Corral | Measuring oxidative stress markers of in vivo and in vitro fertilized blastocysts by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Mentor: Paolo Rinaudo, MD, PhD

Diana Lopez | Mechanism through which Allopregnanolone treats inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease”

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD

Justin Chin | The Effects of ECM Substrates on PGC Migration and Morphology

Margarita Cobian | Provider trust in Patients

Mentor: Jody Steinauer, MD

Liliana Zarate | The Integration of 1st Year Medical Students into the Health Care Delivery System

Mentor: Christy Boscardin, PhD

Linda Pacheco | Pregnant Women’s Attitudes and Preferences towards Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPH

Maggie Luu | Kinetics of Homologous Chromosome Pairing During Meiosis

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD

Fay Pon | Follicular Reserve in the Model of Decreased Mouse Fertility

Mentor: Marco Conti, MD

Karen Kwaning | Improving Water Intake Among Students in Middle Schools

Mentor: Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH

Joseph Sandoval | An Analysis of The Jason Moore PBL Case

Mentor: Amin Azzam, MD, MA

Fabiola Guttierez | 21st Century Pregnancy: Technological interventions in the prenatal setting

Mentors: Tracey McLean, MD & Seth Bokser, MD

Hira Safdar |The Combined Effect of Maternal Stress and Environmental Toxins on Fetal Development: A Systematic Review

Mentor: Tracey Woodruff, PhD, MPH

URI - 2012

Denisse Rojas | A Content Analysis of Beverage Contracts from California Public Schools

Mentor: Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH

Jennifer Cabello-Chavez | Early Prenatal Testing and Informed Choice (the EPIC Study)

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPHn

Jennifer Tu | Patient Satisfaction in Ambulatory Care Setting Study

Mentor: Christy Boscardin, PhD

Christine Chilaka | Keeping It 100: Investigating the Accuracy of Abortion Related Information on the Internet

Mentor: Katrina Kimport, PhD, MA

Aminta Kouvate Autism Research Project

Mentor: Lisa Croen, PhD

Rosalina Penaloza Construction of Motion-Deficient Budding Yeast Strains

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD

Ivan Zamora-Diaz | Anti-Microbial, Anti-HIV Vaginal Spermicides: A Look at Its Promise and Failure and New Strategies for Future Development

Mentor: Linda C. Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc

Kristin Aquino | A Qualitative Study on Labor Contractions Using Twitter

Mentor: Naomi Stotland, MD

Hannah Yemane | Quality of Communication between ESL Patients and their Medical Provider in the 5M Clinic at SFGH

Mentor: Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS

Sara Aziz | The Experience of Waterbirth

Mentor: Jenna Shaw-Battista, CNM, NP, MS, PhD

Sara Jara Padilla | APPLES and Me

Mentor: Assiamira Ferrera, MD, PhD

Maribel Patino | Allopregnanolone Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD

Kao Houa Vang | The Role of GPR-3 in Oocytes Maturation

Mentor: Marco Conti, MD

Betty Njenga | Systematic Analysis of Exclusive Breastfeeding vs. Breastfeeding plus Formula on Gastroenteritis

Mentor: Amin Azzim, MD, MA

Adan Garcia-Mecinas | Becoming the Patient Module, 2012 edition

Mentor: Amin Azzim, MD, MA

URI - 2011

Priscila Valdez | Informed Choice, Informed Decision

Mentor: Miriam Kuppermann, PhD, MPH

Victor Hoang | Serum MicroRNA in Screening for Ovarian Cancer

Mentor: John Chan, MD

Eduardo Joya | Kinetics of Synaptonemal Complex Disassembly During Meiosis in Yeast

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD, PhD

Jessica Dominguez | Fructose Consumption During Pregnancy and Its Effects on Neonatal Adiposity

Mentor: Naomi Stotland, MD

Kathrin Zimmerman | Advancing Health Worldwide by Training Medicine’s Future Leaders: A Pilot Study of the UCSF Pathways to Discovery Innovation Career Scale

Mentor: Louise Aronson, MD

Deepika Kumar | Using Confocal Microscopy to Study Whole Mount Adult Mouse Ovaries

Mentor: Diana Laird, PhD & Amanda Skillern, MD

Victoria Garica | Chemical Exposures During Critical Periods of Fetal Development

Mentor: Tracey Woodruff, PhD, MPH

Yesenia Ortega-Torres | Examining Women's Experiences with Abortion and Contraception

Mentor: Tracy Weitz, PhD

Margaret Aregbe | Is There a Drought in the Classroom: Language Regarding Drinking Water Provision in California School District Wellness Policies

Mentors: Amanda Kimura & Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH

Marisela Cardenas | Autism: A Developmental Disorder with Many Faces

Mentor: Lisa Croen, PhD

Miaka McClenahan | How Do Neurosteroids Work? Identifying Alternative Receptors for the Neurosteroid Allopregnanolone

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD

Nadia Faiq | Developing a Research Ethics Curriculum for Vietnam: A Stepwise Model for Capacity Building in Settings with Limited Research Experience

Mentor: Colin Partridge, MD

Ricardo Roque | The Role of Biotechnology in the Study of Endometrial Diseases

Mentor: Linda C. Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc

Shannon Chan | Systematic Review on Infant Health Outcomes of Exclusive and Almost Exclusive Breastfeeding

Mentor: Valerie Flaherman, MD

Vannessa Madrigal | Internet Interventions: An International Smoking Cessation Guide and Approaches Toward Increasing Abstinence Rates

Mentor: Eliseo Perez-Stable, MD

URI – 2010

Vanita Mistry | Determining Limited English Proficiency in Health Care

Mentor: Alicia Fernandez, MD

Melissa Myo | The Retained Organic Solutes and Clinical Outcomes in Hemodialyis (ROSCO) Study

Mentor: Laura Plantinga, ScM

Elina Serrano | Colorectal Cancer Screening Discussions with Latino Patients

Mentor: Anna Napoles, PhD, MPH

Leah Timbang | Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Surveillance

Mentor: Laura Plantinga, ScM

Tiffany Chambers | Improving Contraceptive Continuation: Depo-Provera Use Among High-risk Adolescents

Mentor: Tina Raine, MD, MPH

Melanie Consolacion | The effects of nonoxynol-9 on endometrial epithelial cells: potential relevance to HIV transmission

Mentor: Linda Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc

Abby Cortez | The Role of Allopregnanolone, a Neurosteroid, on Neuroinflammation

Mentor: Sindy Mellon, PhD

Jacquelyn Hoffman | Examining the Impact of a Three Month Lifestyle and Exercise Intervention for Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome on Body Image, Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), and Self-Reported Modified Ferriman-Gallway Scores (MFG)

Mentors: Drs. Heather Huddleston, MD and Victor Fujimoto, MD

Jennifer Pinal & Jaspreet Singh | EPIC Summer: Contributing to the Expanded Prenatal Testing Options and Informed Choice Study

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPHn

Kao Thao | Growth Factor Receptor Function in Oocyte Maturation

Mentor: Marco Conti, MD

Amy Yu | Characterization of Meiotic Progression in Zip3 Knock Out Mutant of S. cerevisiae

Mentor: Jennifer Fung, PhD

Anjelica Mendoz | Comparing the perinatal outcomes between IVF-conceived and spontaneously-conceived of infants born at 35 weeks gestation

Mentor: Valerie Flaherman, MD, MPH

Jade Sanders & Paula Yoffe | Beverage Consumption Patterns in Children Ages 2-5

Mentor: Anisha Patel, MD, MSPH

URI - 2009

Thet Wai | Characterization and Analysis of a Cohort of Complicated Monochorionic Twins in a Large Referral Center

Mentor: Larry Rand, MD

Jennifer Poeng | Impact of Suppression and Stimulation on Antral Follicle Count

Mentor: Victor Fujimoto, MD and Nam Tran MD, PhD

Christina Nguyen | Fertility Preservation in Early Stage Borderline Tumors

Mentor: John Chan, MD

Marie Palo | Nonoxynol-9 and its Effects on the Endometrium

Mentors: Linda Giudice, MD, PhD, MSc & Akiko Kobayashi RN, PhD

Minerva Pineda | The Prevalence of Mastitis and other Breastfeeding Issues at UCSF SOM

Mentor: Sharon Wiener, CNM, MPH

Monique Goudeau | Investigation of the Molecular Events Associated with the Production of a Fertilizable Egg

Mentor: Marco Conti, MD

Norma Ruiz | Early Prenatal Testing and Informed Choice (the EPIC study)

Mentor: Miriam Kupperman, PhD, MPHn

Nhi Tran | An Investigation of Germline Development in Mice through Mutant Analysis

Mentor: Diana Laird, PhD

Veronica Gonzalez & Camille Roque Disparities in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

Mentor: Vanessa Jacoby, MD, MSc