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Introducing the 2018 VCP Teaching Award Winners!

Awards were presented at the Annual VCP Banquet on March 19, 2019 at UCSF Oberndorf Auditorium in Mission Bay.

UCSF VCP Program 2018 Medical Student Teaching Awardees, ObGyn

2018 VCP Medical Student Teaching Awardees (pictured left to right): Manjita Bhaumik, Lourdes Scheerer, William Zuber, Eric Tabas, Terry White, Sonia Ordonez, Renee Perry, Kerry-Ann Kelly, Gerald Wilner and Corey Young. Bottom row: Sonia Soo Hoo, Kathleen Ryan, Anya Rabinov, Mindy Plotkin, Jeannette Lager (Director), Naomi Stotland (Associate Director), Kristen Matsik, and  Amy Murtha (Chair). Photo Credit: Colin Huang


2018 VCP Banquet UCSF OBGYN

2018 UCSF VCP Banquet


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